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December 16, 2016

North Carolina GOP Strips Governor's Power Before Democrat Takes Office

Roy Cooper will assume office next year, but the Republican-held legislature passed a series of bills Friday to diminish the power of the governor before he takes office.

The 29 Best Music Moments In Film This Year

2016 got its cinematic groove on.

These Islands In The Pacific Are Blocking People From Creating TRU.MP Websites

Managers of the .MP service appear to have banned anyone from setting up URLs that end with “I’ve never heard of this happening before,” a domain expert said.

Lamar Odom Says He Was In A "Dark Place" Before Passing Out At Nevada Brothel

In an exclusive interview with the syndicated, daytime show The Doctors, the former NBA star said he couldn't talk as then-wife Khloé Kardashian told him he had been in a coma.

Fans Try Mariah Carey's Makeup Line

"I look like Fantasy."

13 People Prove That Style Can Be Radical

"I'm dressing for strength now, for myself and for people I love."

19 Mujeres que prueban que las pecas son perfectas

Rostros con pecas totalmente naturales.

Which "Doctor Strange" Character Are You?

“Who are you in this vast multiverse, Mr. Strange?”

Which "Rogue One" Character Are You?

Are you one with the force? Is the force with you? Let's find out.

"Dear Evan Hansen" Is Making Audiences Sob

Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the songwriters behind the new hit musical Dear Evan Hansen and lyricists of La La Land, are bringing devastating honesty to audiences on the stage and screen.

22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

17 Devastadoras imágenes que muestran una pequeña parte de la tragedia en Siria

Las imágenes que verás a continuación son muy gráficas. Se recomienda discreción.

Google, Apple, Uber, IBM Say They Would Not Help Build A Muslim Registry

Google, Apple, Uber, and IBM said they would not help build a Muslim registry. Meanwhile, Oracle declined to comment.

21 "Magic Temple" Moments That Defined Every 90’s Kid’s Childhood


Conoce a los mexicanos que están combatiendo la discriminación racial con moda

¿Cómo es posible que, en un país donde el 64% es de piel morena, los modelos con esta característica sean considerados "exóticos"?

19 Estrenos de Netflix que podrás disfrutar en enero de 2017

Tu propósito de salir más de tu casa no va a pasar.

9 Incredible Photo Stories You Absolutely Can’t Miss

Here are the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the web.

Test Your Bullshit Detector With Our Fake News Quiz

Can you cut through viral internet BS?

Take A Listen To The Zayn Malik Episode Of "See Something Say Something"

The BuzzFeed podcast See Something Say Something talks about the pop icon and why it matters so much that he's Muslim and Pakistani.

Obama: "Reagan Would Roll Over In His Grave" Over GOP Support Of Putin

"Over a third of Republican voters approve of Vladimir Putin, the former head of the KGB."

12 Decadent Hot Chocolates Guaranteed To Soothe Your Soul

The weather outside is frightful, but the chocolate's so delightful.

Walter Mercado comiendo Doritos en el espacio es el comercial más WTF de 2016

Prepárate para ver el anuncio publicitario más absurdo y divertido del año.

Obama Says There Was No Way To Intervene In Syria "On The Cheap"

"We wanted to do something, and it sounded like the right thing to do, but it was going to be impossible to do this on the cheap," he said Friday at the White House.

Star Wars Fans Watch Star Wars Porn

“The force really gets you what you need.”

ネットに蔓延する「正しさ」が息苦しい その正義感が危うい理由


Would You Be A Superhero Or A Sidekick?

Not everyone can be the hero of the story...

These 6 Easy Steps Will Help You Spot Fake News Every Time

Fake news is often engineered to appeal to your emotions, or to seem like a crazy thing that could happen.

18 Imágenes que solo las mujeres entenderán

Un momento de silencio para todo el cabello que he perdido a manos de los dioses de las bandas elásticas.

Trump May Be Forced To Stand Up To Russia Whether He Wants To Or Not

At the start of his presidency, Donald Trump may have to crackdown on Russian spies and diplomats — a move at odds with his push to improve relations with the Kremlin.

20 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A Santa costume for your pet, Pokémon sheet masks, a majestic shower curtain, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

What % Long Island Medium Are You?

"Hi. I'm Theresa Caputo. I like to think of myself as a typical Long Island mom but I have a very special gift. I talk to the dead."

This Couple Had An Incredible Encounter With A Car-Licking Moose

"It just walked over to our car and had its way."

Two Sex Shop Employees Chased Off An Armed Robber By Throwing Dildos At Him

The owner of the store told BuzzFeed News it's the single "oddest thing" she's ever seen.

Why Loretta Lynch Told Transgender Americans “We See You”

The US Attorney General talked to BuzzFeed News about defending transgender people, enduring blowback, and her hope that activists will pressure Trump’s team to preserve her gains.

More Women Accuse University Of Wisconsin Student Charged With Sex Crimes

Ten women have now made accusations against University of Wisconsin student Alec Cook that have led to charges. At a hearing on Friday, a judge reduced his bail.

44 histórias de amigo secreto que terminaram de forma trágica

"Uma vez um menino acabou levando um amigo de fora achando que amigo secreto era pra levar um amigo que ninguém conhecia".

16 Things All Anxious People Understand About The Holidays

More like the most stressful time of the year.

How Well Do You Really Know Your Dog Breeds?

Dogs = best creatures in the whole wide world.

Which Disney Ornament Should You Hang On Your Tree?

Or, as Ariel would call them, thingamabobs.

A Fight Is Just Getting Started On Banning Killer Robots

UN countries will debate how weapons that aim and fire without human control should be used in warfare. But experts are skeptical that such weapons will be banned outright.

25 dos melhores momentos da Taylor Swift em 2016

Tudo isso enquanto ela supostamente estava fazendo "uma pausa".

As 35 fotos que mais marcaram o mundo em 2016

Imagens que ficarão gravadas nas nossas memórias.

A inacreditável história por trás do maior império de notícias falsas da internet

Investigação do BuzzFeed News seguiu o dinheiro gerado por uma rede de dezenas de sites que publicaram ao menos 750 notícias falsas neste ano.

Odebrecht cria cenário de incertezas e retarda decisão sobre sucessor de Renan

Com ninguém sabendo o dia de amanhã, senadores decidem deixar para a última semana de janeiro as discussões sobre o comando da Casa em 2017

Hazelnut S'mores Bars

Can you hear the fireplace crackle yet?

The True Story Behind The Biggest Fake News Hit Of The Election

BuzzFeed News found a network of over 40 sites that have published more than 750 fake news stories.

This Is What Happens When You Try To Re-Create Instagram Lip Art

Read our lips: This is freakin' difficult.

20 imagens para ajudá-lo a esquecer o ano-lixo que foi 2016

Antes de acabar o ano, dê um sorriso!

Enquête sur un étrange et vaste réseau de fake news aux Etats-Unis

BuzzFeed News a débusqué un réseau de plus de 40 sites à l'origine de près de 750 fausses infos. La plupart sur des célébrités, mais également une sur le pape appelant à voter Trump, qui a été un énorme succès viral.

Here's The Perfect Way To Welcome 2017

A rememberlutions jar is a fantastic alternative (or addition!) to New Year's resolutions.

Obama Said He Told Putin "To Cut It Out" Over Hacked Emails

The White House briefing comes one day after the president said "we need to take action" against any foreign government that tries to impact the integrity of US elections.

17 cores de cabelo que conquistaram nossos corações em 2016

Você consegue chegar ao fim deste artigo sem ficar com vontade de pintar os fios?

Conseguimos adivinhar o seu emprego atual e o seu emprego dos sonhos

Nunca é tarde demais para ir atrás dos seus ~sonhos~.

Christmas Paella

A quick Christmas dish for seafood lovers!

10 provas de que o tender é a melhor carne das festas de fim de ano

Que outra carne da ceia fica maravilhosa feita no micro-ondas?

27 Things We Learned On Set With Gina Rodriguez

Get to know the fierce AF actor and star of Jane the Virgin!

El tráiler del especial navideño de 'Sense8' es la cura para tu pinche 2016

El regalo de fin de año que no sabías que necesitabas.

15 caras de quem sabe que vai enfrentar discussão de política no Natal

Vai ficar tudo bem, até que alguém fale "Lula".

16 filmes e séries inspiradores da Netflix para melhorar sua vida

Para dar vários sorrisos – e a ocasional choradinha aliviadora.

29 momentos maravilhosos da TV brasileira em 2016

A TV nunca bombou tanto na internet.

O ano de 2016 foi assim

Desenhado, para quem ainda não entendeu.

12 ideias simples para melhorar sua rotina em 2017

Porque nós colocamos elas em prática em 2016.

18 Veces en las que Netflix fue el mejor en 2016

Y seguro que 2017 va a ser aún más increíble.

Conseguimos dizer quem é você nas festas de fim de ano

O tio do pavê ou o primo que não sai do celular?

This Teen Found Her Cat Giving Birth Under The Christmas Tree

The new kitties are named Noel, Joy, Christmas, and Faith.

15 receitas que você deveria aprender a fazer em 2017

Com esforço mínimo e sabor máximo!

Temer recebeu um Papai Noel no Planalto e a internet tentou adivinhar quem era

As apostas vão de Eduardo Cunha a Olavo de Carvalho. Mas o que chamou a atenção foi o ar de chateação das crianças que ganharam presente de Temer.

31 vezes em que as Kardashians foram muito Kardashians

Basicamente, a família real americana.

28 Semi-Homemade Gifts That'll Impress Anyone

Because we could always use a *little help* being our thoughtful selves. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

As 27 melhores receitas do Tasty Demais em 2016

Vem de garfo, de colher, de guardanapo, o baile todo!

Os 30 tuítes mais engraçados de 2016

Esse pessoal fez ARTE em 2016.

Hillary Clinton Said Putin's "Personal Beef" Against Her Contributed To Election Loss

She also tied her defeat to the release of FBI Director James Comey's letter before the election.

12 diferenças entre o fim de ano de um adulto e o fim de ano de uma criança

Preocupações da infância X preocupações do agora.

Governor Cuomo Announces Plan To Preserve "Subway Therapy" Post-Its

"Today, we preserve a powerful symbol that shows how New Yorkers of all ages, races and religions came together to say we are one family, one community and we will not be torn apart," the governor said.

¿Puedes adivinar qué fue lo más buscado en Google México en 2016?

Spoiler: Algunas búsquedas tuvieron resultados muy extraños.

16 provas de que você saiu da universidade, mas ela nunca saiu de você

Você ainda chama seus amigos do tempo da faculdade de faculdade de bicho, bichão, calouro, veterano.

16 Contenders For 2016's Word Of The Year

"Post-truth" was named Oxford Dictionaries' Word of the Year — but some thought there were other words equally deserving of the title this year.

Democrats Put Pressure On Michigan For Flint Money

Congress passed funding to help Flint fix its water system, but the money falls short of state estimates of what's needed to solve the problem. Now, Democrats are calling on Michigan to step up, saying "the state did this to Flint."

100 Tweets That Will Always Make Latinos Laugh Their Asses Off

"Undo the fucking brujeria spell I'm not playing with you!"

China Returns US Navy Drone It Snatched From International Waters

The "ocean glider" was collecting data about oceanographic conditions in the South China Sea when it was seized.

Senate Intel Chairman Says They Will Investigate Russian Hacking

"The Committee will follow the intelligence wherever it leads."

People Are Relating Hard To A Student Who Opened Her Book To Study For 0.5 Seconds

Harpreet is ♫ point five seconds from wildin'. ♫

13 Products Canadians Are Putting On Their Amazon Wish Lists

This week: Ice cream machines, beer pong catapults, and enormous dog toys.

15 Stunning Doughnuts You Need To Try Before You Die

You won't be able to have just one.

26 Dinge, die für alle Deutschen die wahre Perfektion sind

Frisch geduscht ins frischbezogene Bett! <3

As 31 melhores histórias que aconteceram em 2016

Os melhores personagens e casos que a internet descobriu e que nos fizeram rir e se emocionar.

16 tatuagens que fazem uma sutil homenagem a Harry Potter

"Que tatuagem geométrica fofinha", diz o trouxa.

Eu odiava a Britney Spears, até que me enxerguei nela

Quando eu estava apenas começando a entender minha sexualidade, meu ódio à Britney me separava dos outros. Porém, mais tarde, ela me ensinaria o que significa, e o que custa, sobreviver em um mundo que não consegue parar de te odiar

19 Under-$30 Gifts For People Who Love To Cook

You don't need to spend a ton of money to please a chef!

20 vezes em que o melhor do Brasil foi o brasileiro em 2016

Seguimos aguardando o estudo da Nasa sobre nós.

Este armário de temperos dobrável é perfeito para locais pequenos

À mão quando necessário, escondido quando desnecessário.

17 snaps de 2016 qui sont juste putain de drôles

Y a pas que le filtre chien dans la vie.

18 Images That Only Women Will Truly Understand

A moment of silence for all the hair I have lost to the scrunchie gods.

What Type Of Dream Are You?

Only as much as I dream can I be...

All The Best Deals On The Internet This Weekend

Deals at Topshop, Asos, BaubleBar, and more!

21 Gifts For People Who Do Everything On Their Beds

When life gets you down on a bed, stay down.

Answer 3 Questions And We’ll Tell You What Your 2017 Signature Drink Should Be

That drink you've been drinking this year...that's over, it's canceled.

10 questões do tipo "você prefere" para desgraçar qualquer Natal

Todas as comidas do Natal terem uva passa ou todas as comidas do Natal serem frias que nem o peru mal requentado?

20 tuítes que resumem a treta que foi ser adulto em 2016

Entre se perder da mãe no supermercado e gostar de ir na Leroy Merlin, 2016 não foi fácil para o jovem adulto.

18 presentes que toda "criança viada" queria ganhar no Natal

Você babava nos presentes das suas primas, né?

15 filmes clássicos e divertidos para te ajudar a curtir ainda mais as férias

Grandes sagas, aventuras, muitos desenhos e altas confusões pra todo mundo curtir demais.

10 drinks simples pra impressionar sua família neste Natal

Você vai parecer muito adulto com essas receitas.

26 vezes que Paris Hilton se superou em 2016

"Se você realmente ama a natureza, encontrará beleza em todos os lugares."

Você é ético?

Seja honesto nas respostas.

O resumo de 2016 em forma de memes

O ano pode ter sido de merda para várias coisas, mas a produção de memes esteve inabalável.

The Zodiac Signs As Misfit Toys

We're all misfits!

Umm, The New "DuckTales" Cast Is Absolutely Amazing

♫ David Tennant, woooOOOooo! ♫

Estas son las 10 preguntas sobre moda que media humanidad se hizo en 2016

Y llamamos a un estilista para que nos aclarara todas las dudas.

Estas foram as 20 maiores tretas de 2016

Se teve uma coisa que o pessoal fez esse ano foi arranjar confusão.

18 pensamentos sinceros de gays passando o Natal com a família

Ninguém aqui sabe a letra de “All I Want For Christmas Is You”?

Why 2017 Will Be Even More Dramatic Than 2016 For Europe

Before you get too comfortable thinking 2017 will be better, let's take a quick look at some of the European drama in store.

Richard Curtis Says There's No Answer To Which Political Party Hugh Grant Leads In "Love Actually"

The writer and director told BuzzFeed UK: "I’m willing to reveal almost anything about Love Actually – but there’s no answer to that one."

Princeton Swimming And Diving Team Season Canceled Over "Vulgar" Material

The messages sent on the team's listerv were misogynistic and racist in nature, the university said.

17 Celebrities Who Opened Up About Mental Health In 2016

"You don’t see the mental illness: It’s not a mass; it’s not a cyst. But it’s there. Why do you need to prove it?"

12 Things This Badass Woman Wants You To Know About Cystic Fibrosis

"Coughing can be frustrating, especially if I’m in a quiet room – people tend to look at me."

23 Joe Lycett Tweets That Will Honestly Crack You Up

"SURPRISING FACT: Ariana Grande is not walking 'side to side' after a heavy sex session but because of a particularly potent lamb bhuna."

Dieser gestürzte Apfelkuchen ist unwiderstehlich

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Tasty-Kochbuch gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch. Hol es dir hier!

“Pizzagate” Suspect Pleads Not Guilty To Gun Charges

North Carolina man charged with bringing loaded guns to a DC restaurant to investigate “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory will remain in jail as the case proceeds.

Obama promete resposta a interferência da Rússia na eleição americana

Declaração ocorre após relatos de que o presidente russo, Vladimir Putin, autorizou pessoalmente um ciberataque contra o Partido Democrata, com a intenção de influenciar o resultado da disputa entre Hillary Clinton e Donald Trump.

Syrian Asylum-Seekers Are Being Forcibly Removed From The UK To Other EU Countries

As the horrors of Aleppo are laid bare, experts told BuzzFeed News the government's treatment of vulnerable Syrians was "inhumane and dangerous”.

Wie es deiner Vagina wirklich geht, wenn du mit Unterwäsche schläfst

Lass uns diese vaginale Gesundheitsdebatte angehen, ein für alle Mal.

Avec une vidéo, il dénonce la condescendance d’un reportage de Quotidien

«On sait bien que la ligne éditoriale de l’émission, c’est de faire des choses drôles, mais il ne faut pas que ça tombe dans la condescendance ou le mépris», explique l'auteur de la vidéo à BuzzFeed News.

8 receitas para quem vai fazer a ceia pela primeira vez

Pra todo mundo achar que esse é seu décimo natal na cozinha!

Este casal deu a melhor resposta às perguntas sem fim sobre quando terão filhos

"Feliz em anunciar que a família Jansen está crescendo!"

Esta cartunista está ilustrando como é fazer a transição de gênero

"Quero que as pessoas saibam que não estão sozinhas."

Il faut qu'on parle de cette piste cyclable à Paris

Spoiler: c'est pas une piste cyclable c'est un parking à camions.

11 Mouthwatering Mug Cakes For Lazy Dessert-Lovers

Because there's never a wrong time for cake.

How Good Is Your Christmas Trivia?

We tested Will Smith and his Collateral Beauty co-stars Naomie Harris and Jacob Latimore on their festive knowledge. How do you measure up?

Officers Regain Control At Private Jail 12 Hours After Prisoners Rioted

Update: 240 prisoners are being transferred out of the prison.

Impressione com este frango à milanesa recheado com bacon cremoso

Se for para sujar panela, que seja com esta maravilhosa receita.

Here's The First Posed Photo Of Kim Kardashian Out In Public Since The Robbery

She attended a friend's Christmas party and posed for a selfie.

16 raffinierte Harry-Potter-Tattoos, die echt ziemlich magisch sind

"Was für ein süßes, geometrisches Tattoo", spricht der Muggel.

16 extranjeros que no saben lo poco española que es su fiesta española

Lo típico de que tienes que salir en cinco minutos y no encuentras tu traje de torero.

22 veces que nuestras madres fueron lo mejor que le ha pasado a Internet

"Desde chikitilla tiene carita de putita guapa"

Connaissez-vous les règles des relations amoureuses pendant les années 50?

Pensez bien à vous faire ~la plus légère possible~ quand votre partenaire vous aidera à ramener votre chaise sous la table.

25 Scrumptious Appetizers You Need To Try ASAP

Why even bother with a main course?

The Government Has Backed A Law To End Violence Against Women

One hundred and thirty-five MPs voted in favour of ratifying the Istanbul Convention, while two, led by Philip Davies, tried to block it.

Whats Going On Around The World Today?

President Barack Obama said the US will take action against Russia for attempting to influence the election by hacking Democratic officials. Evacuations have been suspended in eastern Aleppo after rebels reportedly opened fire at a convoy. And Facebook has new measures to fight fake news.

This Woman Turned Her Fiancé's Car Into A Giant Chicken Nugget

No, the car is not made out of chicken, and this show is 1000000% not Pimp My Ride.

Only A Christmas Movie Freak Can Identify These Random Characters

Let's take a trip down Christmas memory lane!

16 trucs beaucoup trop vrais si vous êtes quelqu'un de «bizarre»

Vous n'êtes pas antipathique, vous êtes... un peu bizarre.

Evacuation Of Civilians In Eastern Aleppo Has Been Suspended Again

Around 6,000 people departed the war-ravaged city on Thursday, but aid organizations say as many as 50,000 still remain in the formerly rebel-held territory.

Here's Why Ireland Could Be Scotland's Secret Weapon In Brexit Negotiations

While Westminster dominates talks over the UK's exit from the EU, Irish politicians have told BuzzFeed News they'll be championing Scotland's case.

16 Menschen, deren Bestellungen 2016 ziemlich daneben gegangen sind

Vergiss nie, dir die Größe genau anzusehen.

18 Times Sonakshi Sinha Made You Wanna Steal Her Outfits In 2016

Sonakshi's fashion was a game-changer this year.

18 Christmas Disasters That'll Make You Feel Bad For Laughing

"He vomited all over my sister's gifts."





This "First Dates" Contestant Was Told He Had To Reveal He Was HIV-Positive

Exclusive: When Alex Causton-Ronaldson applied to be on the Channel 4 show, his HIV status was leaked to the production team, who tried to pressure him into disclosing it. He tells BuzzFeed News what effect this had and how he fought back.

Facebookがついに乗り出した偽ニュース対策 ザッカーバーグが示した責任とは

米大統領選で大きな注目を浴びた偽ニュース。ようやくFacebookは対策に乗り出す。だが、その効果は? 中立性に問題は?

21 aperitivos sanos para cuando estés a dieta

Toma un refrigerio sano y siéntete bien.

女子高生の命を奪った高齢ドライバーに実刑判決 類似事故に警鐘鳴らす禁固1年6月


Safe Schools Overhaul: Victorian Government To Sever Ties With Roz Ward

The program will be run by the Victorian department of education from March 2017.

100 Tweets In 2016 That Made India Laugh So Hard, We Died Off

UNESCO has declared Indian Twitter the funniest Twitter.





A News Channel Accidentally Broadcast A Very, Very Horrifying Typo

There's no way this intern gets a job in the city again.

Shocking Footage Released Of Indigenous Woman Who Died In Custody

In the footage, Ms Dhu is pulled into a sitting position and then dropped, striking her head hard on the concrete floor.

The Government Has No Solutions To Help Young People Buy A Home

Young people are getting screwed… again.

あやしげな宣伝はびこる水素水 業者が主張した『当たり前すぎる』効果とは?


University Of Minnesota Players To Boycott Football Over Sex Assault Suspensions

The football team announced they would boycott the Holiday Bowl until 10 players suspended over sexual assault allegations were reinstated.


iPod Miniのことも忘れないでね

Is This Your Family On Christmas?

It's the most stressful time of the year.

This Quirky New Viral Video Channel Is Funded By The Russian Government

In The Now promises "news served hot with a side of smile." It also comes with a dollop of propaganda via its owner, Russia's government-funded RT.

These Disney Films Are Eerily Similar Due To Recycled Animation

Imitation is equal parts convenience and flattery.

How Much Of An Asshole Are You?

It's important to know whether or not you're a prick.

Sex Offender Convicted Of Killing Four Women While On GPS Surveillance

Steven Gordon was convicted Thursday of killing four women in California and then disposing of their bodies, all while on a GPS supervision program for authorities.

US Agency That Certifies Voting Machines Was Hacked, Firm Says

A hacker was in the process of selling login credentials to the government organization that certifies the security of voting technology, according to a new report.

Microsoft: "We Wouldn’t Do Any Work To Build A Registry Of Muslim Americans”

One day after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella met with President-elect Donald Trump, the tech company clarified its position in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

How Many Of These Top 100 Christmas Films Have You Seen?

Don't get overconfident: SOME ARE VERY OBSCURE.

Arizona Sheriff Arpaio Revives Obama Birther Conspiracy With New Claims

The outgoing Arizona sheriff revived the birther conspiracy theory around Barack Obama's birth certificate, saying a yearslong investigation proves it is a "fraudulently created document."

13 Times Australia's LGBTI Community Had A Win In 2016

South Australia and Queensland tidied up a lot of old legislation.

If Trump Cuts Funding For Climate Science, Wealthy Donors Will Spend Billions, Says US Science Academy Chief

Marcia McNutt, president of the nation’s leading scientific body, says wealthy philanthropists will step in, if the Trump administration and Congress pulls research funding.

Trump's Election Boosted Demand For Palantir Shares, Investor Says

With its chairman sitting by the side of Donald Trump, the outlook for Palantir's government deals looks rosy. "Any additional contracts that I imagine they could get, they will get."

People Are Stressed That This Stress-Tracking Bracelet Isn’t Working

After customer complaints about non-working and no-show Sona bracelets, wearable startup Caeden says it is offering refunds and finally filling orders.

George Christensen Clears Up That No, He Doesn't Want To Murder Drug Dealers

"Would I want an elected official in Australia to run around shooting people? Of course not." Good to know.

Obama Says US Will "Take Action" On Russian Interference In US Election

The statements came after reports the Russian president personally authorized the hacking and leaking of Democratic Party emails to influence the election.

Uber, Deliveroo, And Asos Agency Workers Are United By A "Lack Of Rights", Report Claims

Businesses are using insecure working contracts to keep costs low at the expense of a "growing army" of workers who would rather be fully employed.

This Custom Lipstick Store Is A Dream Come True For Makeup Addicts

*If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.*

Would You Eat These Deep-Fried Foods?

Everything tastes better fried, right?

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