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December 11, 2016

Can You Tell How Old Kylie Jenner Is In These Photos?

You think you know, but you have no idea.

Can You Guess The Christmas Movie From The Emojis?

♫ I wanna wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of my (emoji) heart. ♫

28 Things To Do When You're Single And Sad

A list to mend your broken heart.

Trump Falsely Says "Nobody Really Knows" What's Causing Climate Change

“I think it’s a big scam for a lot of people to make a lot of money," Trump once said.

Women's Razors Vs. Men's Razors

“The women’s one has colors!"

A McDonald's Cup Becomes Totally NSFW When You Change One Small Thing

"Spreading a little too much Christmas cheer."

Do You Know What City These NFL Teams' Stadiums Are In?

Can you got 32 for 32? Spelling counts!

17 Ice Cream Fails That'll Hurt You So Bad

NOTHIN' worse than a soggy cone.

This Will Soon Be The World's Longest (Most Soul-Crushing) Flight

The nonstop flight will connect passengers from London to Perth, Australia.

Adults Try Eating Baby Food

"I literally feel like I'm just eating cold vomit."

37 Gifts For Your Friend Who Just Fucking Loves To Eat

♫ Oh hungry niiiight, the stars are brightly shiiiiining. ♫

Trump Isn't Buying What The Intelligence Community Is Selling On Russia

Even amid dissent about just why it happened, the full intelligence community believes Russia interfered in the election. Will the soon-to-be president ever heed US intelligence when it undercuts his views?

Twitter Reinstates White Nationalist Leader Richard Spencer

According to Twitter, Spencer was suspended on a technicality: violating a multiple accounts statute. The suspension reversal highlights Twitter's struggles with policy enforcement in a post-Trump era.

I Never Thought I'd Get Married — But Then I Needed A Visa

I thought I agreed with my radical queer friends: Marriage is dull, outdated, and heteronormative. But that was before I got a civil partnership at 23.

A Silicon Valley Party Tries To Put Guests To Sleep

Can the tech industry code the cure to our insomnia?

25 Things That'll Make Store-Bought Desserts Look So Much Better

Here's how to Betty Crocker your way into being Martha Stewart.

16 Peeling GIFs That Will Relax Anyone Who's Stressed The Fuck Out

Because you need something to distract you from life for a second.

21 Of The Most Wonderfully WTF Celebrity Looks Of 2016

Spoiler alert: WTF fashion is the best kind of fashion.

Rida E., employé du Tricastin et défenseur dévoué du djihad armé

En mars 2014, Rida E. est mis en examen pour ses liens avec la cause djihadiste. Ce qui ne l'empêche pas, pendant plusieurs mois, de continuer son travail dans une centrale nucléaire.

Trump’s Deals In Turkey Align Him With Powerful Partners

“My partner is the president of the USA,” one of Donald Trump’s Turkish partners declared after the election. How Trump’s ties to Turkey’s power brokers may complicate his presidency.

Republicans Criticize Trump's Expected Secretary Of State Pick Over Russia Ties

Sen. Marco Rubio called the ExxonMobil CEO "a friend of Vladimir."

23 Ross Gellar Products Because You're Fine

"Ah. Humor based on my pain."

17 Tweets About Christmas Fails That'll Make You LOL

"Grandma gave me super granny panties with a tag that read 'protect yourself from coochie infections'.''

We Surprised Grown Men With Puppies

and ~spoiler alert,~ they squealed with delight.

7 Easy Ways To Eat A Little Healthier Every Damn Day

Something delicious and healthyish for anytime of day.

26 Gifts Any Morning Person Will Totally Appreciate

These could be for you too... if you ever woke up before noon.

Rocked By Fake News Crisis, Facebook Is Under Pressure To Open Up To Experts

Facebook has attracted leading social science researchers with its vast trove of user data. But what they publish is tightly controlled.

Republican, Democratic Senators Demand Inquiry Into Russian Election Interference

Trump says it's time to "move on," but these high-profile senators don't agree.

34 Ridiculously Awesome Gifts To Buy At Forever 21

(Forever twenty) one-stop shopping.

Your Pet Will Be So Happy To Sleep In A Bed You Made For Them

I could hold you in my (sweater) arms forever....

21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Poké Ball bath bombs, dual tip markers, a Pusheen calendar, and 18 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Bomb Attack On Egypt's Coptic Christian Minority Kills At Least 24

The country's main Coptic Christian church, St Mark's Cathedral in Cairo, was targeted Sunday morning.

18 Problems Only People Slightly Obsessed With Stationery Understand

"Hey can I borrow your pen?" :::screams forever:::

Diane Abbott Says Labour Will Close Gap With Tories "In 12 Months"

"We’ve had a pretty difficult 12 months, partly [because of] Jeremy’s enemies in the party, partly commentators, but we have the right policies and we have the right leader," the shadow home secretary said.

18 épisodes de séries de 2016 que vous devez absolument voir

Même si vous n'avez pas vu les séries en question, ces épisodes seuls valent le détour. Ouais, ils sont bien à ce point-là.

18 trucs à savoir avant de tenter la sodomie

Si vous envisagez de passer par la porte de derrière, lisez cet article.

Only A True "Simpsons" Fan Can Get 15/15 On This Christmas Episode Quiz

"Santa's Little Helper. It's a sign. It's an omen!"

Walter White Will Head DEA For Donald Trump — On "SNL"

"Donald Trump and I agree. It's time to make America cook again."

10 Questions For Christmas Dessert Lovers That Are Impossible To Answer

It's like choosing between life and death — but harder.

14 Fucking Funny Holiday Yahoo! Answers Questions That'll Fill You With Joy

These people's New Years Resolutions are hopefully to gain intelligence.

What Percent Mrs. Claus Are You?

Are you hella jolly?

What Do You Wish People Knew About Chronic Pain?

You might not see it, but it's there... oh, it's there.

23 Facts That Will Totally Fuck With Your Perception Of Time

Um, so, Oxford University is older than the Aztecs. THE AZTECS.

17 Cats Who Totally Hate The Holidays

Mom, please stop dressing me up as "Santa Claws"

Can You Guess The Spotify Top Artist Of Each Genre In 2016?

2016 was the year of listening to things.

I Tried A Bunch Of Drugstore Eyeliners And Found A New Favorite

Eye just really like affordable makeup.

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