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37 Gifts For Your Friend Who Just Fucking Loves To Eat

♫ Oh hungry niiiight, the stars are brightly shiiiiining. ♫

1. A pizza nightlight for anyone in danger of tripping while they fetch a midnight snack.

2. A lunch bag for anyone who gets a little wolfish when their noon meeting runs too far into lunch.

3. Pillowcases and a duvet cover that will hide the crumbs in their bed.

4. A quesadilla maker that'll take them from hungry to cheesy in less than five minutes.

5. A geeky cookbook for anyone who can't get through a feast scene of Game of Thrones without drooling.

6. A meal-planning pad that's great for busy households or just single people wanting to get the best out of every meal.

7. A subscription box of snacks for anyone who needs sustenance on the go.

8. An attachable bowl and plate duo for anyone who considers just soup (with no sandwich) a garbage meal.

9. A pair of gobbling mugs that know a hot beverage break NEEDS a snack to go with it.

10. A pin (or two) for anyone whose aethetic is purely food-related.

Get them from Heather Buchanan on Etsy for $9 each (egg toast here and Dorito here)

11. A dog who gobbles up quarters so they can gobble up food in the future.

Get it from Amazon for $20.99.

12. A cheese board for anyone who says, "Yes aaaand?" after the appetizers.

13. A Trivial Pursuit-esque game for only the finest foodies.

14. A piggy bank set for anyone who would gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today.

15. A double dispenser for anyone who knows that, when in doubt, cereal is always a good snack.

Get them both from Amazon for $20.22 (left) or $41.92 (right).

16. A pair of stripey socks for any very hungry caterpillar.

17. Kurt Adler ornaments that deck the halls with deliciousness.

Get them from American Eagle for $7.99 each (pizza here, fries here).

You can also get the pizza ornament from Amazon for $4.73.

18. A grilled cheese plushie to ooze comfort when they need it most.

Get it from Amazon for $19.99. Get the giant version for $35.99.

Check out Squishable's entire collection of stuffed foods here.

19. A cheesy snow globe for anyone in the midst of a torrid love affair with pepperoni.

20. Taco booties and mobile for any baby you just want to eat right up.

Get them both from Uncommon Goods — the booties for $25 and the mobile for $48.

21. A pizza sled ideal for dashing through the snow while dreaming it's actually parmesan cheese.

22. A set of lightweight travel cutlery that'll come in handy for any surprise meal.

23. A pair of fast food pins to share with your fastest friend.

24. A personalized copy of the BuzzFeed Tasty cookbook & apron set for anyone who spends hours watching food videos on Facebook.

AKA everyone with a Facebook account.

Get it from Tasty for $39.95 (plus free shipping!).

25. A pizza charging bank for anyone whose phone needs feeding as often as they do.

26. A toothy pouch for anyone with RHF (resting hungry face).

27. An app-controlled Crock Pot so dinner can be ready the second they get home.

Get it from Amazon for $123.99.

28. A tee for anyone craving some honey baked Ham(ilton) or an Aaron Burrger.

29. A dipping cone for anyone who is not a pouring-ketchup-all-over-their-fries monster.

30. A microwave pasta cooker for anyone who simply cannot wait for the water to boil.

31. A pair of earbuds for when they donut want anyone talking to them.

Get them from Urban Outfitters for $16.

32. A set of foodie dice for anyone with strong hunger and weak decision-making skills.

33. A food journal for savoring and revisiting the most delectable experiences.

Get it from Amazon for $9.10.

34. A stamped spoon that can read their mind when looking into a bowl of ice cream.

35. A tee they can wear when they're hungry enough to eat a whole anelope.

36. A golden pendant that makes a Ritz cracker even ritzier.

::eats a whole sleeve::

Get it from Garnett Jewelry on Etsy for $24.

37. And a food bucket list that'll give their life renewed meaning.

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