18 College RA Tumblr Posts That Are Just Too Fucking Real

    "RA on call…"

    1. When quiet hours apprently don't apply to everyone:

    2. How it feels trying to get residents excited for your program:


    3. Or when it's basically your job to be nice:

    4. Praying to God that there won't be an incident while you're on duty:

    5. When you're trying not to let the stress of the job AND school phase you:

    6. The kinship that you've formed with your RD:


    7. When an innocent weekly visit turns into an incident:


    8. The key to handling any situation:

    9. Being overwhelmed by a monsoon of craft supplies whenever you open a closet:


    10. Trying to get residents to come to your program:

    11. And then TFW no one comes to the program you spent weeks on:

    12. Telling a resident that it's quiet hours:

    13. The feeling of pure betrayal:

    14. Walking into a what looks like a war zone after homecoming weekend:

    15. Teaching first-years:


    16. Your vow to keep confidentiality:

    17. You at the beginning of the semester VS You at the end of the semester:


    18. And of course ~THE CLASSIC~:


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