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19 Things From 2016 Australians Are So Done With

I'm done.

1. Being blindsided by reality TV endings.

Wait WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED? #royalcommsionNOW #TheBachelorAU

I. Am. Done.

2. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette's shitty editing.

Somebody at Channel 10 has had a rough year of love, and they've taken it out on #TheBachelorAU & #BacheloretteAU edit. Clearly.

Channel 10, fix it or I'm done.

3. How fucking long both the Logies and Arias go for.

It turns out it's the #Logies, not the election, that's running all the way to July 2. We have have 54 more days of this.

Speed it up mates, I actually don't have all night. Done.

4. Any reference to avocado toast.

How do young #hipsters keep baby #boomers out of their cafes? Milk crate seating doesn't work with tight hamstring…

I swear to God, stop mentioning avocado, I'm done.

5. Coffee that's not a normal colour.

6. And deconstructed coffee.

7. As well as every hipster wankery food or drink concoction that seem to insist on continuously popping up.

Beer in a beaker? That's a bit too #Hipster #Melbourne

Just fucking serve it in a normal glass, I'm so done.

8. The term "jobs and growth".

I'm still not growing, I'm done.

9. Basically every political party.

I'm done with them all.

10. And crazy elections that last far too long.

Never do this again, I'm done.

11. Pauline Hanson's return.

Who knew Pauline Hanson would have such a thriving career in 2016. #nbn

I don't like it, I'm done.

12. Finding creepy-crawlies on our produce.

Hell. Fucking. No. I AM DONE.

13. AND, well...

14. Those fuck-faced magpies.

Get away from me, you angry wankers, I AM DONE.

15. Johnny Depp.

Facebook: BarnabyJoyceMP

Arsehole. Done.

16. Those "new" Shapes.

Never touch our Shapes ever again. DONE.

17. Mark Latham.

Torsten Blackwood / AFP / Getty Images

Oh no, white men being blamed for everything! Sad!

Fucking done.

18. Eddie McGuire.

Robert Prezioso / Getty Images

Once again making headlines in 2016 for the wrong reasons, yet somehow Eddie McGuire still graces our screens and radios. D.O.N.E.

19. And Pete Evans.

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