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25 Things That'll Make Store-Bought Desserts Look So Much Better

Here's how to Betty Crocker your way into being Martha Stewart.

1. Sprinkle on some colorful gourmet popcorn to make any cake livelier.

2. Go NUTS with a big pack of gummy bears for a cheery slice.

3. Transform anything -- even lasagna! -- into a bday treat with a set of gold number balloons that aren't a fire hazard.

4. Dress up a slice o' grocery store pie with these glitzy dessert plates.

5. Top off some vanilla (HAHA, get it?!) cupcakes with downright magical rainbow unicorns that are A OK to nibble.

6. Slap some mini donuts around the edge to take a ho-hum cake to the. Next. Level.

7. Take a cake or pie out of its plastic container and plop it in a whimsical cake carrier to tote along to a shindig.

8. Arrange strawberry slices in a fanciful pattern on a plain cake.

9. Toss some blueberries on top of an already-iced cake. They're like nature's big, juicy sprinkles.

10. Turn the pickings of a cookie-aisle raid into afternoon tea-level treats when you arrange them on a tiered dessert tray.

11. Sacrifice some Oreos to the dessert gods by arranging them just so on a chocolate cake that needs some pizzazz.

12. Create an enviable Snapchat with these star sparklers that'll make you feel like you're in a fancy club with bottle service.

13. Drizzle melted chocolate mixed with coconut oil all over packaged(!!!) cookies.

14. Or take the extra step to sprinkle on crushed peppermint or other hard candy.

15. Keep it simple with a pretty bunting cake topper.

16. Spread a little love by drawing Nutella hearts on standard sugar cookies you picked up from a bakery.

17. Fool guests into thinking you spent all afternoon baking the perfect cake and you're showing off a family heirloom with this color-cut cake stand.

18. Avoid an Ana and Elsa Pinterest fail by arranging tasty, pre-made cupcakes on a Frozen cupcake stand for your kid's theme party.

19. Or make a Star Wars fan feel extra special with this breathing Darth Vader or mini light sabers.

20. Whip up some tasty frosting and smear it on top of pre-made brownies so they'll taste like they're 100% homemade.

21. Flex your crafting skills by making doughnut hole snowmen on top of white-frosted cupcakes.

22. Dazzle onlookers as you cut a minimal (aka totally plain) cake with this glam knife.

23. Sweeten up a bare cake with a confectioner's sugar dusting. Just make sure you clean up after yourself.

24. Artfully arrange cookie crumbs along the top edge of a cake to pretend like you took a fancy dessert class.

25. And when in doubt, add some damn sprinkles.