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24 "Westworld" Gifts That Will Make You Question The Nature Of Your Reality

What gift?

1. A travel print for anyone who chooses to see the beauty in this world.

2. An enamel pin that proves the maze is for them.

3. A white or black hat for anyone who needs to choose a path.

4. A journal to fill with their truly next-level fan theories.

5. A candle that sets the scene for the perfect HBO Go binge.

6. A snake temporary tattoo for anyone who is as badass as Armistice.

7. A DVD copy of the original movie for anyone hunting for Easter eggs.

8. A print for any leading lady in charge of her own life.

9. A Vitruvian Man pendant straight out of the credit sequence.

10. A tee that will make them laugh, then cry.

11. A caffeine-filled mug to help them bring themselves online every morning.

12. A tee for the person who is looking to reveal their deepest self.

13. A phone case for anyone who was programmed by engineers to be obsessed with their phone.

14. A thread painting for anyone whose favorite character is Dolores or Maeve.

Get them from Kate Hughes Art on Etsy for $15+ (Dolores, Maeve)

15. A clock that'll remind them when they've gone astray (looking at you, procrastinators).

16. A cross stitch pattern of their favorite quote.

Get them from Etcetera and Stitches on Etsy for $4 (left, right).

17. A tee featuring two compelling characters: the Man in Black and the stunning scenery.

18. A necklace for anyone who loves to play "spot the Shakespeare quote."

19. A minimalist print for anyone looking for the ~bug~ in the system.

20. A decanter set that'll get them through the next big twist.

21. An old-timey bottle of whiskey that wouldn't look out of place at the local saloon.

22. A pin that doesn't look like anything to me.

23. A set of faceted glasses perfect for sipping sherry with Maeve.

24. And the Westworld soundtrack, which provides a perfectly eerie vibe for any activity.

You, impatiently waiting to open your presents.

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