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34 Ridiculously Awesome Gifts To Buy At Forever 21

(Forever twenty) one-stop shopping.

1. A strand of unicorn lights that'll turn any dorm room or apartment into a mythical wonderland.

Price: $15.90 / Also available in a cat version.

2. Owl lip glosses that are the who's who in lip care.

3. A ramen crossbody that really uses its noodle.

4. A winky tee for any aspiring Lucille Bluth.

5. A panda speaker that packs some bamBOOM.

Get it? Like the hybrid of bamboo and boom.

Price: $17.90

6. A clutch for anyone who appreciates financial liquidity.

7. An eyes and lips set to get their whole face covered in gold and dusty rose.

8. A Shiba Inu pillow for anyone whose apartment doesn't allow pets.

9. A mini straightening iron (and pouch) that's perfect for frequent flyers.

Price: $29.90

10. Geometric gem ornaments that bring new meaning to the term "Christmas baubles."

Price: $9.90 (for set of two)

11. A gift trio for the founding member of your cat coven.

12. Faux fur earbuds that look (but don't sound) fuzzy.

13. A fox mug to sip out of while dressed in cozy socks and eating a bagel with lox.

14. A three-pack of breakfast socks that'll make them say "Eggcellent."

15. A wool beret that's really the cat's meow.

16. A colorblocked scarf for anyone who freezes in all the colors of the wind.

17. A lariat necklace for anyone who's obsessed with crystals.

18. A sparkly antler headband that'll transform them into a rhinestone reindeer.

19. A raccoon balloon tote for anyone who loves a good rhyme joke.

Price: $3.90

20. A matte lip cream with crazy good color payoff.

Price: $18 / Available in four colors.

21. A phone case that Ron Swanson would totally use... if he deigned to have a smart phone.

22. A corduroy cap that's polite so they don't have to be.

Price: $9.90

23. A glossy rainbow backpack for anyone who shines on in the stormiest weather.

24. Faux shearling gloves for anyone who prefers style to shivering.

25. A NASA bomber jacket that makes an ~out of this world~ gift.

26. A moto jacket for anyone who doesn't have one already.

27. A fun analog watch that knows it's always time for pizza.

28. A tee for anyone whose comfort food is all the cheese.

Price: $38 / Sizes: S-M

29. A faux fur scarf that makes any winter day a little rosier.

Price: $9.90

30. A furry pouch to fill with lipsticks in every shade of the rainbow.

31. Tres taco pins for any one who celebrates taco Tuesday every day.

Price: $7.90

32. Pom-pom earrings for anyone who knows how to have a ball.

Price: $4.90 / Available in three colors.

33. Beret-wearing cat socks that'll make their toes say "Bonjour!"

34. A knit sweater for the foxiest person you know.

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