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23 Ross Gellar Products Because You're Fine

"Ah. Humor based on my pain."

1. Wear an impromptu holiday armadillo tee when the costume shop is out of Santa Claus ensembles.

2. Or, go subtle with a holiday armadillo pin.

3. OR, opt for a pair of briefs to show your dino, Christmas cheer.

4. Frame this couch print as a reminder that moving furniture is THE WORST.

5. Carry this tote for a continual state of complete awareness.

6. Let them dig for hors d'oeuvres on this cheese board.

7. Play paper dolls with these Ross magnets that capture his best moments.

8. Divvy up your toiletries in these tough travel tubes to prevent a MAJOR shampoo explosion.

9. Always be repping extinct creatures with these socks.

10. Add a tombstone pin to your lapel when your ex and friend start dating each other and you keep screaming "I'M FINE!"

11. Prevent coworkers from eating the only good thing going on in your life by storing your sandwich in a lunch bug bag.

12. Burn the midnight oil during office hours while you chat with students that you are MOST DEFINITELY NOT dating with a Sauropod, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, or T-Rex lamp.

13. Sip 'til you get to the surprise at the bottom of this peek-a-boo dino mug.

14. Create your own Jurassic Park with this DIY terrarium kit.

15. Skip the tanning salon and get a controlled tan on both sides of your body with this top-rated tanning bronze mousse.

16. Nurture your own personal dino with this add-water egg.

17. Gift a sparkly pillow to your lifelong lobster.

18. Pretend like you're an ~actual~ paleontologist in the field with an excavation kit.

19. Hold on to important messages with this memo holder.

20. Sip out of this approps drinking glass as you follow along with the saga of Ross's nuptials.

21. Whip up some treats with this cookie cutter-and-frosting set.

22. Hatch a baby raptor with this adorable candle.

23. Wear this not-so-subtle tee of his notorious excuse and spur a heated discussion with everyone you know.

Now who's ready for a visit from the Holiday Armadillo?!

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