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December 24, 2016

KKK Documentary Canceled After Network Learned Producers Paid Klan Members

A&E is scrapping its eight-part documentary after learning that producers paid members of the hate group for access.

Which Disney Prince Should You Marry?

When you wish upon a stud...

Trump To Close Trump Foundation To Avoid Possible Conflicts Of Interest During Presidency

The foundation is currently under investigation by the New York Attorney General's office and can't close until the probe concludes.

15 Moments Of Flatulence All Pregnant Women Will Recognize

Your bed is pretty much a permanent dutch oven.

Men Decorate Each Other's Beards For Christmas

Let’s get festive AF... with our beards!

牛乳アレルギーと闘っていた母娘に何があったのか 「懸命な子育て」が一線を越えるとき


People Are Cracking Up Over A Mom Who Ordered Her Son This "Minion" Cake

Isaac looks thrilled to have his not-Minion cake on his birthday.

22 Little Facts That Will Make You Feel Old AF

Big warning: You might sprout gray hairs just reading this list!

15 College Students Who Are Hilariously Struggling To Adjust To Being Home For The Holidays

Yes, we really are going to sit around and do nothing all day.

21 Presents That Are So Obviously Gift Cards

Ugh, at least TRY to disguise it!

What Kind Of Introvert Are You?

Recent research suggests that there are four basic types of introversion. What's your type?

Can You Guess The "Hamilton" Song From Three Or Fewer Emojis?

This is your shot to show your knowledge!

Signs You Don’t Want To Grow Up

You are never too old to wear a giraffe onesie.

A Girl Has Been Catching Her Classmate Matching His Shirt To His Drink Every Day In School

A "national hero" and "the greatest of all time" are only some of the titles people have given teen Brian Milan.

20 Times Teens Didn't Let This Year Fuck With Their Spirit

Thank you for your memes, bold clapbacks, and relentlessly fierce selfies.

14 Grocery Aisles That Really Shouldn't Exist

Maybe grocery shopping doesn't always have to suck.

We Know What Will Calm Your Holiday Stress Right Now

'Tis the season to be a bundle of anxiety.

100 Tweets That Made Women Piss Themselves With Laughter In 2016

"Ladies: the day after Halloween, don't forget to buy all the discounted blood capsules to keep in your mouth when men tell you to smile."

Which "This Is Us" Character Are You?

Because family is everything.

What's Your Christmas Score?

Being Christmassy is a skill.

Don't Just Grab Someone And Kiss Them On New Year's Eve

Champagne in your mouth > some weirdo's tongue.

Donations Are Pouring In After A Dutch Boy's Nail Painting Challenge Went Viral

"The Spirit of Christmas in The Netherlands has a name: Tijn ❤"

21 Tumblr Jokes About Boyfriends To Make You Laugh

"When my boyfriend told me to stop impersonating a flamingo I had to put my foot down."

Este bolo de maçã invertido é sensacional

E ainda dá tempo de fazer para o Natal.

16 Delicious Pomegranate Desserts To Eat This Winter

They're almost too pretty to eat!

27 Recipes You Need To Cook In 2017

Just some properly tasty ways to make your mouth happy.



Sexisme: 2017, on compte sur toi!

Merci de faire mieux l'année prochaine.

12 traditions de Noël à travers le monde

Lingerie rose, toiles d'araignée et poulet frit.

Which "Star Wars" Prequel Trilogy Character Are You?

Who you identify with says much about you as a person.

16 Things That Happened In 2016 That Will Actually Cheer You Up

If you look beyond Brexit and Trump, some good things happened. Honest.



How Normal Is Your Handwriting?

The writing's on the wall.

20 Moments You'll Only Get If You're Chronically Late

Three minutes to shower, brush your teeth, and get dressed? No problem.

17 Sentences Only An Old Person Stuck In A Young Person's Body Has Said

"Sorry, I just wanted to take a nap, but I didn't wake up until today."

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