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December 19, 2016

Goat Simulator Will Change Your Life

Time for some goat theory.

37 Hilarious Tweets That Made Aussies Piss Themselves In 2016

Australians have no culture? Um, no try again sweetie ;).

This Is How To Make Your Very Own Harry Potter Feast

From pumpkin pasties to treacle tarts, Harry would definitely approve.

21 Times Ja'mie King Was So Damn Funny

"You know what would be embarrassing? Having your head."

17 Dads Who Totally Owned 2016

Dad, please, please please, stop!

29 Last-Minute Gifts From Target For Everyone On Your List

Order by 4pm ET on Dec. 21 to get free shipping by Dec. 23!

16 Things To Remember When Planning A Road Trip Around Tasmania

Make the most of this idyllic island state.

Our Culture Writers Pick The Best Essays Of 2016

This year might have been our craziest yet. Thankfully, writing helped us make sense of it.

New Orleans To Pay $13.3 Million Over Hurricane Katrina Police Killings

The city has agreed to settle with 17 plaintiffs over police killings and injuries in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, officials announced Monday.

Attentat de Berlin: attention aux fausses infos qui circulent

Des photos d'un homme censé être le chauffeur du camion circulent sur les réseaux sociaux. Mais en réalité il s'agit de photos d'un youtubeur et d'un rappeur.

Dare Or Dare

which dare would you rather do?

Breitscheidplatz: So denken Franzosen an Berlin

"Es sollte Schnee fallen, nicht die Menschen."

We Need To Have A Serious Talk About Sweet Tamales

GIVE ME ALL THE TAMALES...except the sweet ones.

18 Maquillajes sangrientos de Navidad que te darán pesadillas

La época más bonita del año, también puede ser la más oscura.

How Many Movies Did You Actually See In 2016?

Have you even heard of all 50 of these movies though?

These Photos From The Christmas Market Crash In Berlin Are Totally Fake

Pictures of suspects circulating on social media feature a German rapper and a YouTuber.

Un camion fonce sur un marché de Noël à Berlin, au moins 12 morts

Un camion a foncé sur une foule rassemblée lundi soir au marché de Noël à Berlin. La police évoque 12 morts et 48 blessés. Un individu soupçonné d'être le conducteur a été arrêté. Le passager est mort sur place.

Rob Kardashian Says He Will Seek Help For His "Flaws/Issues"

After heated social media posts over the weekend with Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian on Monday apologized for his behavior on Instagram.

20 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A pair of toast-shaped USB hand warmers, a mushroom garden, a ukulele kit, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Berlin: sur Twitter, des hommages poignants

Sur Twitter, certains trouvent les mots justes pour rendre hommage aux victimes de l'attaque du camion à Berlin.

Neo-Nazis Target Jewish Families In White Nationalist Leader's Hometown

An article on a neo-Nazi website released personal contact information of some Jewish residents in Whitefish, home to the parents of white nationalist leader Richard Spencer.

People Try The Black-And-White Candy Test

Can they recognize candies without color?

The 11 Best Poetry Books Of 2016

Here are the poetry collections that we absolutely loved in 2016. (Ranked in no particular order.)

Trump May Bring In More Guest Workers

Trump himself has used the controversial program to bring in workers from other countries, and so have some of his appointees

Stanford Sexual Assault Case Judge Cleared In Misconduct Investigation

The Commission on Judicial Performance said it received thousands of complaints after Aaron Persky sentenced Brock Turner to six months in county jail.

'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Production Company To Pay Workers $411,000 In Backpay

An investigation found the company failed to pay overtime to staff working on Bravo TV's 'Real Housewives of Atlanta.'

Diese Fotos vom LKW-Anschlag auf einen Weihnachtsmarkt in Berlin sind fake

Es kursieren viele Fakes im Netz - wir sagen dir welche. Dieser Artikel wird ständig weiter aktualisiert.

Caminhão invade feira de Natal em Berlim e mata ao menos 9 pessoas

Segundo a polícia local, também há muitos feridos. Testemunha relata que veículo pesado foi jogado contra multidão a mais de 60 km/h.

How Well Do You Actually Know The Story Of Jesus's Birth?

Think you know the Nativity story? Think again.

What Objects Look Like Cut In Half

We decided to cut some stuff with a big saw and it looked pretty cool.

Un camión chocó contra un mercado de Navidad en Berlín, hay varios muertos

Al menos nueve personas murieron el lunes por la noche después de que un camión grande chocase contra el mercado, ha contado la policía de Berlín.

The 16 TV Shows We Were So Thankful For In 2016

It has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. Thankfully, we had these shows to offer 30 to 60 minutes of salvation every week.

People Love This Girl's Joyous Response To Her Boyfriend Gifting Her An Empty Box

Some are now pulling "empty box" stunts on their significant others...with varying results.

KKK Member Gets 30 Years In Prison For Trying To Build An X-Ray Gun To Kill Muslims

Glendon Scott Crawford, a member of a white supremacist group, sought to obtain and use a radiation device on Muslim Americans.

Can You Guess What Year These Christmas Movies Came Out?

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

19 Things That Will Make Coffee Lovers Say "More Please"

*sips coffee* *handles everything like a boss*

A Tropical Seabird Found Starving On An English Beach Was Flown Home For The Holidays

Norman, a red-footed booby, spent months under heat lamps as he was nursed back to health for his return trip home to the Cayman Islands.

「部族の者は皆、いなくなった」 ISから奪還された町で起きた集団拉致事件とは


ASKAさん不起訴 弁護士が語った逮捕後の報道への違和感


Berlin Police: Truck Attack On Christmas Market Was Intentional

At least 12 people were killed and 48 others injured when a truck plowed through a crowded market. BuzzFeed News correspondent Jina Moore is reporting from Berlin. Follow BuzzFeed News' updates on Tuesday's developments here.

10 lugares do Brasil para JAMAIS botar os pés

Daqueles que você pode ir, gostar tanto e nunca mais voltar. Já pensou?

Senators Push For Mass Student Loan Forgiveness Before Trump Takes Office

Democrats fear tens of thousands of requests to have student loans cancelled could sit gathering dust during the next administration.

25 "Rogue One" Jokes That Will Force You To Laugh

That Darth Vader pun tho. Spoilers ahead.

15 Deliciously Sweet Candy Cane Treats To Eat This Christmas

Because Christmas comes but once a year.

25 Truly Horrifying Holiday Gifts People Have Actually Received

Who wants some used underwear or an unpackaged toothbrush?!

We Can Guess Your Marital Status In 2017 With Just Three Questions

Will you be married, single, or in a complicated relationship?

Women Try Natural Wasabi Lip Plumper

Can wasabi make your lips more plump?

Embaixador russo é morto por atirador em galeria de arte na Turquia

Atirador gritou palavras de ordem contra o papel da Rússia na guerra civil da Rússia e na crise humanitária de Aleppo. ATENÇÃO: Este post contém imagens fortes.

Cierren el Internet: cientos de personas corrieron como Naruto en Monterrey

El #NarutoChallenge empezó como una broma en Facebook, pero se convirtió en realidad.

Only True Christmas Movie Fans Can Get 100% On This Quote Quiz

Don't be a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

27 Kitchen Products That Sound Almost Too Good To Be True

From your kitchen gadget fairy godmothers.

How Slutty Is Your 2017 Going To Be?

Finally! Something to look forward to in the cumming year!!!

Justice Secretary Launches Investigation Into Major Riot At Birmingham Prison

Liz Truss told MPs the "serious disturbance" at the G4S-run prison started when six inmates climbed on to netting and then managed to snatch an officer's keys.

Il faut vraiment qu'on arrête avec ces objets en 2017

À force de vouloir être original, on a tous le même appart.

27 Amazing Gifts That Are Actually Useful

Presents that won't end up collecting dust in a corner.

Entre climatosceptiques et extrémistes, voici pourquoi le gouvernement Trump fait peur

Un climatosceptique à la tête de l'Agence de protection de l'environnement, un va-t-en-guerre au ministère de la Défense, un homme qui a fait une blague raciste pour le ministère de la Justice...

Te recomendamos un regalo sexual por tu gusto en hombres

Por eso y muchas cosas más. Ven a mi casa esta Navidad.

17 mecs qui se sont mieux maquillés que nous en 2016

Cette année, le maquillage concernait tout le monde.

Estos son los 20 nombres más atractivos según Tinder

Los datos de Tinder México no mienten.

13 Gifts For People Who Think Diversity Is Beautiful

Love isn't all we need, but hey, it's a start.

Merrick Garland Will Be On The Bench — But Not The Supreme Court — In January

President Obama's Supreme Court nominee won't be on the high court. Garland will, though, go back to hearing cases in his old court on Jan. 18.

Saudi Arabia Admits It Has Been Using British Cluster Bombs In Yemen

"There was limited use by the coalition of the UK-manufactured BL755 cluster munition," said a spokesperson.

People Are In Love With A Grandma Who Stitched Her Grandkids' College Shirts Together

People — family and strangers alike — are telling Grandma Donice that they love her.

We Tried $24 Vs. $346 Korean BBQ To See Which Was Worth The Price

"It feels like we're in a Korean drama right now."

Former High School Football Player Gets Probation For Coat Hanger Assault

The 19-year-old received a sentence of three years probation and 300 hours of community service after pleading guilty to one count of felony injury of a child.

21 Hacks prácticos que agradecerás a la hora de envolver regalos

El periódico ya no será tu única opción.

Here’s What Separates Casey Affleck from Nate Parker

The uncompromising coverage of Nate Parker’s alleged history of sexual assault seemed to suggest that both audiences and the press would no longer tolerate men behaving badly. But Casey Affleck, who settled suits brought by two women alleging sexual impropriety, is sailing toward a Best Actor Oscar. What's different?

Facebook Messenger Adds Group Video Chat

Messenger keeps shipping, adds its most requested feature ahead of the holidays.

These Teens Think Trump Will Make America Great Again

At a victory rally last week in Pennsylvania, the crowd was full of people who support Trump, even if they were too young to vote for him.

22 Hilarious Photos You'll Get If You Worked At A Restaurant

Customer: "It's all on one check." Me: *hears choir of angels singing*

27 Of The Most Glorious Twitter Fails Of 2016

Twitter documents the great tragedies of our time.

24 Rites Of Passage You Experience Growing Up In Ireland

Breaking your confirmation pledge before you were 16.

People Are Loving This Bystander's Pure Reaction To A Woman Proposing To Her Girlfriend

Jessica Rodriguez told BuzzFeed News: "We hope this inspires LGBT people to not fear to express their love to one another."

21 Gifts For The Gwyneth Paltrow In Your Life

Herbs, kombucha, and sex dusts — oh my!

Russia's Ambassador To Turkey Shot Dead By Man Screaming About Syrian Crisis

Andrey Karlov was visiting a photo exhibition in Ankara when he was assassinated. WARNING: This post contains graphic images.

Everything You Need To Know About Changing Gender Markers On Your Identification Documents

Birth certificates, driver's licenses, passports — it's complicated, but it doesn't have to be impossible.

17 Bilder, die Frauen nur allzu gut verstehen werden

Eine Gedenkminute für all die Haare, die ich an die Haargummi-Götter verloren habe.

So, Will Smith's New Movie "Collateral Beauty" Is Really Bad

"Every so often there comes a movie so tasteless, so nakedly pandering, so bodaciously ill conceived that you’ve got to see it to believe it."

Do You Know Which British Celebrity Was Born On Christmas Day?

Who is truly the most festive celeb of them all?

25 Unique Places To Get Online Gift Certificates

The perfect last-minute gift = $$$ to spend at a store they'll wish they knew about sooner.

33 DIY Gifts That'll Make People Say "You MADE That?!"

It's the thought that counts, but you may as well make it cute too.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Wayfair, Topshop, Amazon, and more!

15 Things Your Parents Will Always And Forever Do At Christmas

Or maybe your grandparents. Someone in the family...

Estos fueron los 44 memes más relevantes de México en 2016

Este año no fue tan terrible si piensas en los memes.

Este anuncio demuestra que no hay juguetes para niños y para niñas

Se trata de una campaña de Audi y la acogida está siendo sorprendentemente positiva.

24 Spielzeuge, die wir nie mehr unterm Weihnachtsbaum finden werden

Also mit ziemlicher Wahrscheinlichkeit nicht.

29 Beauty Products You Should Try In 2017

Holy grail products you'll swear by.

North Carolina Poised To Repeal Bathroom Law

The Charlotte City Council repealed its LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance on Monday morning with the understanding that state officials would act in turn.

17 Fakten zur Raumfahrt, nach denen du dich ziemlich klein fühlen wirst

Roboter haben das Sonnensystem übernommen – und das ist toll.

IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Found Guilty In Negligence Trial In France

Largarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, was found guilty of misuse of public funds during her time as France's finance minister.

If You Do Better Than 10/14 On This Quiz, You're Probably An Art Historian

How well do you know works of art that are allegedly known by everyone?

16 choses que les gens qui ont la maladie de Crohn veulent que vous sachiez

«La plupart du temps, j'ai l'impression d'avoir été percuté par un train.»

24 Chef Secrets To Making Festive Canapés

Be the host with the most.

17 personas que no bebieron con responsabilidad en 2016

Si bebes deja tranquilito el WhatsApp

19 cadeaux de Noël cool à offrir

Il n'y a pas de quoi.

How Cynical Are You Compared To Other People?

Do you have a "glass half empty" approach to the world?

27 Creepy AF Santa Photos That'll Just Make You Say "Why?!"

You'd better watch out, 'cause these Santas will haunt your dreams all year round!

24 Easy Ways To Feel Better Immediately

Roll up in a blanket burrito. Put on Netflix. Cry. Repeat.

24 People Who Predicted 2016 Really Quite Badly

"I've got a good feeling about 2016."

These Photos Show The Everlasting Bond Between Pets And Their Humans

No matter how old we are, we all need a pet.

Everyone Made The Same Joke About Karun Nair's Triple Century

Coming soon to a WhatsApp group near you.

Ed Miliband Is Being Used As A Stock Picture On American TV News

A picture of the former Labour leader blowing his nose was used by NBC News to illustrate a segment about the flu season.

People Are Donating To Women's Charities After An MP Tried To Block A Domestic Violence Bill

During Friday's Commons debate on the Istanbul Convention, which seeks to tackle violence against women, Philip Davies claimed legislation discriminated against men.

Merriam-Webster's Word Of The Year "Surreal" Had The Biggest Spike After Trump's Win

The dictionary had appealed users to search for another word after "fascism" was its most-looked up word in November.

Here's What Black Muslims Thought Of "Muslims Like Us"

"The black British Muslim experience is completely different to the white one, or an Asian one, despite nominally subscribing to the same faith."

15 Confessions Made By India's Biggest Actresses On The Bollywood Roundtable 2016

Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Vidya Balan and Radhika Apte open up about picking good roles, kissing scenes and more.

California Lawmakers Join Effort To Get Trump To Release Taxes Ahead Of 2020

On the heels of a New York Democrat unveiling the TRUMP Act, two California state senators also want to force Trump to release his taxes if he wants to be on the state ballots.

Are UK Trade Unions Trying To Ruin Christmas?

Number 10 has accused rail, air, and postal workers of trying to cause "maximum damage" over Christmas – a charge they dispute.

Will Smith Trying To Sing "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" Is All Of Us Attempting It

It goes a little like this: "Something, something, something, FIVE GOOLLDDD RINGS."

Bagui Traoré condamné à 8 mois de prison fait appel de sa condamnation

Le frère d'Adama Traoré fait appel de sa condamnation. L'un de ses avocats dénonce une enquête «bidon».

Fuck Politeness, Let's Rage: I'm Done Asking Nicely For Women's Rights

It's been four years since we took to the streets. We've calmed down since, but nothing has actually changed. Where did the rage go?

29 veces que el autocorrector le jodió la vida a alguien en 2016

Aprovechó un año terrible para hacer el mal.

4 Ways To Turn A Mason Jar Into An Awesome Gift

Four gifts that will fit anyone on your Nice List.

Hey Indians, How Well Do You Know Your Rights If You Get Arrested?

Any idea when you can meet your lawyer? Or if the police have to inform your family?

10 dicas para desconectar no final de ano

Reduza o fluxo de informação que você consome para dar um tempinho para o cérebro descansar.

Rob And Chyna Are Now Fighting In His Instagram Comments

The pair seem to have split acrimoniously and publicly over the weekend. But just when it seemed like the drama may have moved offline, they started fighting in Instagram comments.

Donald Trump Wins The Electoral College Vote Amid Small Protests

Only a handful of electors refused to vote for the candidate who won their state.

35 Hilarious Tweets About Bollywood That Were Way Better Than Any Movie In 2016

Twitter was more entertaining than any film that released this year.

29 Games Every Procrastinator Should Know About

All we want for Christmas is a good distraction, amirite?

Keke Palmer Is Here To Improve Your Self Confidence

"Don't let anyone make you feel badly about having confidence. It's never too much to be yourself kids!!"

¿Cuánto sabes sobre penes?

Demuestra que no has olvidado todo lo que aprendiste sobre anatomía en el colegio.

What's Going On Around The World Today?

Electors will gather in every state on Monday to formally elect Donald Trump as US president. China will return a US Navy drone that it snatched from international waters. And renowned socialite and actor Zsa Zsa Gabor has died at 99.

The Girl Who Tweeted From East Aleppo Has Finally Been Evacuated

Bana Alabed, 7, along with her two younger brothers, was among those evacuated from the war-ravaged Syrian city as a tenuous ceasefire holds.

14 choses qui ont vraiment eu lieu dans le sud-est en 2016

Des cigales, de la pétanque, et d'autres trucs pas du tout clichés.



20 cosas que "Los Sims" nos enseñaron

Rosebud, rosebud, rosebud.

Les 46 photos les plus puissantes de 2016

Voici les photos les plus influentes, puissantes, ou belles de 2016.

梅毒が大流行、42年ぶりの感染拡大 20代女性で急増、厚労省は「危機的な状況」


Literally Just 19 Funny Tweets About Camila Leaving Fifth Harmony

"We have been informed via her representatives that Camila wants to be excluded from this narrative."

A Mother Was Sent A "Vile" Anti-Muslim Flyer By A Group With Liberal Party Links

"The women dressed like ninjas while the men were dressed by Billabong."

Fifth Harmony Have Announced That Camila Is Leaving The Band

She should have just told them she'd work from home.

Everything Millennials Need To Know About The Budget Update

Tl;dr get a good job that pays good money… 'cause the government ain't helping you out.

BuzzFeed Japan、学生を対象に「フェローシップ・プログラム」を開始


Hollywood Reacts To The Death Of Icon Zsa Zsa Gabor

The socialite and actress died at age 99 on Sunday. She had nine husbands and many more love affairs.

7 New South Wales Road Trips That Will Take Your Breath Away

Whether you want to drive for a day or a week, there's a trip for everyone in this beautiful state.

Muslim Woman Assaulted With Beer Bottle Outside A Supermarket

Police are investigating the incident.

After More Than Four Months Without A Press Conference, Trump Holds Off-The-Record Event With Reporters

It's been 144 days since the president-elect has held a press conference.

17 Iconic Quotes From Zsa Zsa Gabor About Men, Marriage, And Life

“I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.”

16 Dead Set Legends You Should Be Following On The Gram

Insta accounts everyone should be scrolling.



A Look Back At Zsa Zsa Gabor's Nine Marriages

Socialite and actress Zsa Zsa Gabor died on Sunday at 99. These photos show her many romances and nine marriages.

Can We Guess Your Favorite Sex Position Based On This Christmas Test?

♫ Light me up, put me on top, let's falalalalalalala! ♫

This Teenager Is Suing The Media Over Articles About His Mullet

Sydney teenager Ziggy Mosslmani sued for defamation after his mullet became a meme.





32 Times Australia Was The Weirdest In The '90s

How did any of us survive this?



21 Tweets About "Bee Movie" That Will Make Your 2016

"According to all known laws of aviation there is no way a bee should be able to fly..."

26 Photos That Will Drive Professional Chefs Crazy

Driving professional chefs crazy one ruined crème brûlée at a time.

Here Are The 12 Most Important Memes Of 2016

It's the 12 months of meme-mas.

19 Times Margot Robbie Made 2016 Her Bitch

From tattoos to tiny hedgehogs.

13 Struggles Anyone Who Has Ever Meal Prepped Will Understand

Meal prep is 75% searching for the right tupperware lid.

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