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30 Amazing Last-Minute Gifts You Can Still Get On Amazon

Books, toys, accessories, home decor, and other wonderful gifts you still have time to order.

1. A fuzzy jumbo sloth for someone who needs to slow down and enjoy life.

2. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook for your favorite treacle tart–eating Muggle.

3. A 500-piece Brain Flakes interlocking disc set for little creators.

4. Dog Shaming, a picture book for furparents shaking their heads everywhere.

5. Bob Ross socks that remind a loved one there's no such thing as mistakes.

6. When in doubt, Cards Against Humanity.

7. A garden gnome massacre statue for landscaping enthusiasts.

8. A four-pack of Tile Mate Key Finders for that special someone who's mastered the art of losing everything, every day, always, without fail.

9. A book about deadly plants for someone unusually interested in obscure botanical tragedies.

10. A pair of shredder claws for pulled pork fiends.

11. The Hungoevr Cookbook for people who too often find themselves on struggle street.

12. An 18-piece stainless steel barbecue utensil set for the grill master.

13. The world's cutest toothbrush holder and travel case for people who prioritize their smiles.

14. A Q&A-a-day five-year journal that gives you something to think about.

15. Pillowcases with reversible sequins for someone whose room could use a little magic.

16. A super-soft faux-fur blanket for that one person who's always cold.

17. A 6-ounce rainbow stainless steel flask for lovers of whimsy and the smuggling of alcohol.

18. An adorable animal smartphone holder for speakerphone extraordinaires.

19. An illustrated book for someone who just needs to commiserate and laugh 'til they cry.

20. A contoured eye mask travel kit for snoozing at cruising altitude. cut

21. An easy-to-understand wine guide for sommeliers.

22. An organizational notepad for anyone in need of a little structure.

23. The FDA-approved microwaveable pasta cooker for college students, carb fiends, boaters, and busy noodle lovers alike.

24. A book for anyone who needs to let loose a little.

25. A KeepCup glass reusable coffee cup for coffee purists on the go.

26. A minimalist hanging container for giving greenery or small items a special place in your home.

27. A sleek wooden watch for someone looking to up their wrist game.

28. A cute but morbid T-shirt for fans of the cute but morbid book.

29. A set of six adorable woodland creature bag clips that act as tiny guardians of freshness.

30. A wearable nail polish holder that's like a sexy, toxic Ring Pop.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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