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30 Amazing Last-Minute Gifts You Can Still Get On Amazon

Books, toys, accessories, home decor, and other wonderful gifts you still have time to order.

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Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A fuzzy jumbo sloth for someone who needs to slow down and enjoy life.

Promising review: "HUGE AND FLUFFY!!!! He's super adorable and so much fun to cuddle." —krista sweitzer

Price: $55.39

2. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook for your favorite treacle tart–eating Muggle.

Promising review: "This cookbook is geared for children and young adults, but it will please readers, cooks, and Harry Potter fans of all ages. My kids (ages 14, 12, and 8) have finally found an activity they can all agree on: cooking and sampling savory Harry Potter recipes. This book covers every single recipe that appears in all seven of the Harry Potter books. Ever wonder what Pumpkin Juice tastes like? Or treacle tart? Well, you're about to find out!" —Aviva

Price: $12.99

3. A 500-piece Brain Flakes interlocking disc set for little creators.

Promising review: "This will be the most emotional review I’ve ever written. There are millions of different toys to choose from on this planet but to find toys that satisfy my children is quite an accomplishment. I have three boys with Autism, so for me to find a toy that is so good for their motor skills and dexterity is amazing. This has to be the most brilliant toy I have ever purchased. To this company: Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. From this moment forward you have a lifelong customer.” —christina piemonte

Price: $14.99

4. Dog Shaming, a picture book for furparents shaking their heads everywhere.

Promising review: “Everyone loved it. All pet owners have experienced what’s in these pictures at least once, so we can all have a good laugh. Looking forward to the next one!!” —alaskaquilter

Price: $13.50

5. Bob Ross socks that remind a loved one there's no such thing as mistakes.,

Promising review: "Bob Ross on socks? What more could a junior in high school want? My son is now the coolest kid to ever have walked his school's halls, and he does so in such style. The fit is perfect, not too tall and not too short when pulled up his calves while also wearing shorts and a T-shirt with every Bob Ross paint color listed, and he's 6'4". Told you he's cool. He's almost too cool for school. —Appollina

Price: $12. Available in 31 prints.

6. When in doubt, Cards Against Humanity.

Promising review: "My oldest son put this game on his Christmas wishlist. Knowing nothing about it, I purchased it; I was overjoyed that he was asking for something that didn't require batteries or wasn't a video game. Now, I realize I'm going to be judged as a bad parent for purchasing this game and for not doing more research before giving it to my teenage son. I accept that. However, this game is so funny. My husband and I have played it with our son quite a few times and it made us all sit together and just laugh so hard that we snort and end up having some very interesting conversations. Yes, the game is politically incorrect and does have some sexual content, but so does everything on TV and on the internet these days. Anything that keeps my teenager talking to me and feeling comfortable speaking with us about odd or uncomfortable things is a win in my parenting handbook." —Chrysswen

Price: $25

7. A garden gnome massacre statue for landscaping enthusiasts.

Promising review: “Bought this for my dad last year and he still moves it around his yard and sends me pictures.” —Teef

Price: $24.99

8. A four-pack of Tile Mate Key Finders for that special someone who's mastered the art of losing everything, every day, always, without fail.

Promising review: "We use Tile to help locate our cat. She was a rescue from the local shelter and she insists on going outside; my wife, however, insists that the cat must come in at night. This meant there were some nice summer nights where we were up until very late looking for our cat. Since putting the Tile on her collar we have had great success with finding her or just knowing when she is home. It has also helped us determine where she likes to hang out, thus greatly shortening our search times. It would be nice if the signal had more range, but considering it uses Bluetooth, it isn't horrible. I would rate the range at a maximum of half the average city block. It can also be as little as a few feet if your pet is under something like a parked car." —Kenystlded

Price: $19.99+

9. A book about deadly plants for someone unusually interested in obscure botanical tragedies.

Promising review: "I'm a pro gardener and a total plant geek, so reading all about the wicked deeds of the plants I know and love (and learning some new ones as well!) was a blast. But you don't have to know or even care much about plants to enjoy this book. Amy blends the human stories and the plant details with such humor and depth; as she says, 'I looked for plants that had an interesting backstory. There had to be a victim — a body count... These are plants you do not want to meet in a dark alley.'" —Gen of North Coast Gardening

Price: $16.10.

10. A pair of shredder claws for pulled pork fiends.

Promising review: “I own a BBQ food truck and we sell brisket, pulled pork, pulled chicken, smoked sausage, and burgers. I was looking for a faster way to pull pork. I looked at those shredders you attach to a drill, but they look like they would turn the product to mush. I brought these Bear Paws and went to pull 30 pounds of Boston Butt. What used to take 45 minutes was done in less than five. No waste. These paws do a great job of integrating the fat in with the meat. I could not be happier. As a BBQ man for 30 years, I would recommend these.” —Michael K. Powell

Price: $12.95. Available in six colors.

11. The Hungoevr Cookbook for people who too often find themselves on struggle street.

Promising review: "I'm currently hungover. I used this book a couple times. I almost burnt down my house once using this book, but it's my fault, not the book's. I highly recommend taking the quiz in the beginning of the book, so you can figure out what meal to prepare." —Kevin

Price: $8.50

12. An 18-piece stainless steel barbecue utensil set for the grill master.

Promising review: “Got this set for my husband and he uses it every time he grills, which is almost every day. Amazing quality and such a good price for all that’s included.” —Allison Lucaszuk

Price: $34.95

13. The world's cutest toothbrush holder and travel case for people who prioritize their smiles.

Promising review: "I bought two of these cute toothbrush holders for me and my husband. We love them! They're bigger than I thought, about 2-by-2 inches. Both of us use electronic toothbrushes and this holder fits well. We've been using them over three months and the suction cups are working quite nicely. Overall, love it." —Geumhwa

Price: $5+. Available in four other animals.

14. A Q&A-a-day five-year journal that gives you something to think about.

Promising review: "I love to buy journals but often have trouble writing in them after just a few initial entries. It could be that life gets too busy or that there seems to be nothing in particular to write about that I will want to remember later. This journal has solved my writer's block by providing questions at the top of each page.

Sample Questions:

What is your mission? (Jan. 1)

Did you kiss someone today? (Feb. 14)

Who are you fooling? (April 1)

If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? (May 25)

What makes a good friend? (June 9)

Write down your last sent text message (Aug. 9)

What shocking news have you learned recently? (Sept. 22)

Halloween plans? What's your costume? (Oct. 31)

What was the last risk you took? (Nov. 28)

Write down five words that describe today. (Dec. 25)

I would definitely purchase this as a gift for a friend or anyone who loves to write. I think when the journal is complete it will be really interesting to see how much your answers have (or haven't) changed over five years." —RuRu

Price: $11.89

15. Pillowcases with reversible sequins for someone whose room could use a little magic.

Promising review: "This arrived so promptly and was beautiful! I had my doubts when I saw how inexpensive it was, especially since I have seen these sold elsewhere on the internet for much more, but it is really very well constructed. There is a small invisible zipper on one side that allows you to add a pillow insert." —E.M.

Price: $5.98. Available in 11 colors.

16. A super-soft faux-fur blanket for that one person who's always cold.

Promising review: "I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO IS ALWAYS COLD AND I LOVE THIS BLANKET. VERY THICK! VERY WARM! VERY SHERPA-Y! This blanket is vastly superior to other furry blankets on Amazon and costs less. I am usually a you-get-what-you-pay-for kind of person but that isn't the case here; this blanket is incredible and affordable! I'm very picky and LOVE this blanket." —matt

Price: $33.99+. Available in six sizes and 13 colors.

17. A 6-ounce rainbow stainless steel flask for lovers of whimsy and the smuggling of alcohol.

Promising review: "Thought the picture was too good to be true. I was mesmerized when I received it after purchasing... it's so cool! Everyone wanted it and asked where I got it. Very unique and abstract. It hasn't faded after washing. Great quality." —Amazon Customer

Price: $12.95

18. An adorable animal smartphone holder for speakerphone extraordinaires.

Promising review: "It was a no-brainer to get this smartphone stand for my desk. It holds my phone in its case and it's heavy enough to keep from being knocked over, and looks good doing it. Plus there's nothing like having a cute animal at work to make me smile when the work day is doing its usual soul-sucking best." —Sue Harrington

Price: $7.50+. Available in four animals.

19. An illustrated book for someone who just needs to commiserate and laugh 'til they cry.

Promising review: “This book is amazing. Some of the funniest stories with thoughtful commentary about the writer’s intrinsic flaws. It’s amazing. Also, the depression series is some of the best writing on the subject out there. Seriously. Get this book. You’ll love it.” —Amazon Customer

Price: $12.37. Also available on Kindle.

20. A contoured eye mask travel kit for snoozing at cruising altitude. cut


The kit comes with an eye mask and two ear plugs.

Price: $14.95

21. An easy-to-understand wine guide for sommeliers.

Promising review: "This book helps you experience wine like no other book has done before. It is visually engaging, educationally satisfying, and incredibly enjoyable to flip through. It is for experienced wine connoisseurs and newbies alike, and it exceeds expectations in every way — it did for me at least!" —Ben Andrews

Price: $20.

22. An organizational notepad for anyone in need of a little structure.

Is there a "fucks" box? Asking for a friend...

Promising review: "I love these pads. They are magnetic so they easily stick to the fridge. The items listed are the items that you use most often, and it is organized into sections that correspond to aisles at most grocery stores. Each section has a few additional blanks for adding those items that it doesn't list. This thing saves me a bunch of time!" —Steven Dix

Price: $7.14.

23. The FDA-approved microwaveable pasta cooker for college students, carb fiends, boaters, and busy noodle lovers alike.

Promising review: "I've been boiling various pasta noodles at least twice a week for over 25 years. When I first saw the Fasta Pasta microwave cooker demo video, I was a bit skeptical, but interested enough to purchase the product from Amazon. After using the product three times, I can honestly say that it not only cooks pasta very fast, but better, with less mess and energy, than boiling the noodles in a pot. Just follow the simple instructions and you will have perfectly cooked pasta without having to check it while cooking for readiness. I wish that this product had been invented years ago." —George Miller

Price: $14.99

24. A book for anyone who needs to let loose a little.

Promising review: "This book has completely changed the way I look at pain, at responsibility, and at how I define myself and my life. I'm excited about the future for the first time in a long time. To the author: thank you, it's made a world of difference, and it's only been a few days." —Mike Brave


25. A KeepCup glass reusable coffee cup for coffee purists on the go.

Promising review: "Love this coffee mug. Doesn't keep your coffee hot for too long, but that wasn't what I was looking for. I don't need to keep it warm for eight hours. I'm going to drink it long before then." —Justin Barger

Price: $24. Available in three sizes and three colors.

26. A minimalist hanging container for giving greenery or small items a special place in your home.

Promising review: "Beautiful, exactly as pictured. So lovely if you want to add some green to your living environment. I also ordered the larger planters and the three of them go perfectly together." —Jalyn Leonard

Price: $29.13. Available in three sizes and two colors.

27. A sleek wooden watch for someone looking to up their wrist game.

Promising review: “This watch gets a lot of attention. I get compliments on it every day. The wood makes it incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear.” —Ecovet

Price: $27.99. Available in three colors.

28. A cute but morbid T-shirt for fans of the cute but morbid book.

Promising review: "On voting day I placed my little 'I Voted!' sticker like a speech bubble for the dinosaur and now my friends think that I killed all the dinosaurs through democracy." —Caate

Price: $22.99. Available in sizes S—L.

29. A set of six adorable woodland creature bag clips that act as tiny guardians of freshness.

Promising review: "These clips are adorable! I've been using them for about five months now and they're really sturdy. I haven't had a single one break. I was worried they would be cheaper quality because they seem like a novelty item, but I'm happy to report that they're very good bag clips." —JACharron

Price: $3.99. Available in four animals sets.

30. A wearable nail polish holder that's like a sexy, toxic Ring Pop.

Promising review: "As a clumsy person (like, get-kicked-out-of-stores-because-you've-accidentally-knocked-over-two-displays-while-trying-to-pick-up-the-original-display-you-knocked-over clumsy) who loves nail painting, this has been a gift sent down from Cedric Diggory himself. I love this thing! I haven't been able to spill nail polish once, and that is a feat and a miracle. Even if you're not ultra-clumsy, it's just a convenient helper when nail painting." —JL Dice

Price: $9.99. Available in eight colors.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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