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These Are The Recipes You Need To Try In 2017

Here's what our editors, writers, and readers loved this year.

Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

We recently asked our editors, writers, and readers to share their favorite thing they made this past year. Here's what they said.

Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

1. Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti with Garlic & Herbs

"I started making this for Meatless Mondays but it was so good that it quickly made its way into other weeknights, too. The creamy sauce makes this super hearty and satisfying, and the mushrooms — sautéed in lots of garlic — are the best part. (The trick to getting them perfectly golden brown? Before sautéing them, make sure your pan is hot and your mushrooms are dry, otherwise they'll get soggy and start to steam.)" Melissa Harrison

Recipe here.

2. Magnolia Bakery's Coconut Oatmeal Drop Cookies

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

"This cookie recipe is as simple as they get: 30 minutes after measuring the flour, I had a cookie in-hand. At one bite, I knew I was in love: a caramel-butter flavor with the slightest hint of coconut, crispy on the edges and slightly chewy in the middle, sweet but not overpowering.

A few baking notes: I find that doubling the size of each cookie to 2 teaspoons (leaving the temp, bake time, and everything else the same) helps them stay more ~golden brown~ in the oven — but I'd recommend trying a few cookies at both sizes so you can pick your fave. I also double the vanilla, and a few times, I've mixed in a 10 oz bag of dark chocolate chips along with the coconut." —Natalie Brown

Recipe here.

3. Slow Cooker Chicken Chili

"I found this recipe on Pinterest, and I love it because there isn't really much prep or chopping involved. There's also a twist to this recipe that sounds gross in theory — you add cream cheese at the end! I bought the low-fat kind and tried it anyway. Lo and behold, it gives this chili a certain creaminess, texture, and flavor that goes beyond your average chili. You'd have no idea it's cream cheese of all things; it just lends a tiny bit of bisque-ness to the soup." Peggy Wang

Recipe here.

4. Atlantic Beach Pie

"A friend of mine made this for Thanksgiving and I immediately became obsessed. The saltine crackers crust goes so well with the tangy lemon curd and the soft whipped cream. It's also such an easy recipe: The lemon curd is basically just lemon juice mixed with sweetened condensed milk and egg yolks, and you don't even need to preheat it in a pan before it hits the oven. The whipped cream is a great addition taste-wise and looks-wise — and the pie is even better 24 hours later once it's really set." Marie Telling

Recipe here.

5. Bacon, Corn & Gruyere Frittata

Emily & Matt Clifton /

"I didn't have a cast-iron pan so it didn't turn out as perfectly circular as pictured, but you can't go wrong with this much bacon and cheese. I made it on a Sunday and then cut myself squares for breakfast for the whole week. For my next iteration, I'd make it with double the jalapeño (because I'm a spicy foods junkie) and cubed — instead of grated — cheese." —Michelle No

Recipe here.

6. Oven-Baked Portobello Fries

"These are so good that I almost regret making them for my family, because now, whenever I go home to visit them in Maine, there always comes a moment when we're planning what we'll have for dinner and someone will look over at me, slyly smile, and say, "Maybe Mal can make those portobello fries." And I sigh (because I'm so particular about coating them evenly that it takes me about 40 years to make a huge batch)... but always relent and make about 9 mushroom-top's-worth of them. Like I said, they're so damn delicious!"Mallory McInnis

Recipe here.

7. Marcella Hazan's White Bean Soup

"I'm a big Marcella Hazan fan because her recipes often prove that you don't need a laundry list of ingredients to make things taste amazing. (See: Her classic three-ingredient tomato sauce.) This simple white bean soup falls into that same category: It's just beans, olive oil, garlic, sage, stock, and parmesan — plus bread to dip, and plenty of salt and pepper.

One note: The instructions recommend brining dried white beans from scratch — but real talk: I skip that and just use canned ones, and it's still delicious. With that shortcut, the whole thing comes together in about 15 minutes." —Melissa Harrison

Recipe here.

8. No-Bake Nutella Pie with Oreo Crust

"This dessert is made out of copious amounts of Nutella, cream cheese, and Cool Whip, and is probably one of the most gluttonous things I've ever made. But desserts should always be this indulgent, right? Also, I brought it to a Stranger Things-themed birthday party and it went well with all the waffles we had." —Michelle No

Recipe here.

9. Cauliflower Cheese

"Cauliflower cheese is traditionally a British recipe and I think the best way to describe it is mac and cheese — but with cauliflower. It's very rich, and it's become one of my winter faves — I even served it as a side for Christmas this year. " Marie Telling

Recipe here.

10. Lasagna Soup

"I find this recipe is a little too labor intensive to make every week, but making it on a Sunday once a month or so is doable and worth it. Tip: If you plan to eat the leftovers, cook the pasta separately and then add to the soup before serving or reheating. Otherwise, the noodles will absorb a lot of the liquid as it sits in the fridge, and it becomes considerably less soup-like after a few days." Rachel Miller

Recipe here.

Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

11. Honey Sriracha Chicken

"I found this recipe on Pinterest and it puts P.F. Changs to shame. It's seriously one of the easiest things to make, and it's become such a staple in our house that I pre-bottle the sauce." —Terri Denise S.

Recipe here.

12. Pumpkin Praline Pull-Apart Bread

The layers are stuffed with pumpkin butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon — and the whole thing is topped with candied pralines. —Cakes3216

Recipe here.

13. Spicy Sesame Cauliflower Wings

"I made these delicious vegan cauliflower sticky wings. And everyone — even the non-vegans who ate themloved them." —Ellen K.

Recipe here.

14. Chrissy Teigen's Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Aubrie Pick

"These are amazing in every possible way." —Loren F.

Find the recipe at Cooking Light.

15. Smoky Vegan Mac & Cheese

The smokiness comes from smoked paprika and a bit of cayenne and hot sauce, all of which are mixed into the sauce. —Liorah G.

Recipe here.

16. Blueberry Lemon Mousse Cake

Lisa Linder /

"I made this for a dinner party. Keep in mind that nobody at the party had any allergies, and none of us were even that into any ~health food trends~ — and still, this gluten-free, dairy-free blueberry lemon mousse cake with scented geranium flowers was a big hit. It was easy to make and too pretty to resist!" —Timothy A.

Recipe here.

17. One-Skillet Chicken with Lemon Garlic Cream Sauce

"Super delicious and not too time consuming." —Brenna Claire M.

Recipe here.

18. Pastelón

"I made this sweet plantain lasagna for Thanksgiving — and it was SO good." —Nini Chinenyen

Recipe here.

19. Vegan Pancakes

Light, fluffy, and topped with lots of maple syrup. You can also easily modify the batter with add-ins — like berries or bananas. –c48e469c71

Recipe here.

20. One-Skillet Chicken with Bacon & Green Beans

"So simple and delicious." —Courtney G.

Recipe here.

21. Triple-Decker Carrot Cake

Piled high and topped with homemade frosting. —Kathryn Z.

Recipe here.

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