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Here's What £100,000 Buys You In The UK Vs The Rest Of Europe

BRB moving to Berlin.

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1. London, UK – £99,000

Bedrooms: Studio

Location: Bromley (50 minutes by train to the centre.)

• Pretty much the only property for sale in London for £100,000 that isn't shared ownership, a retirement property, or a boat.

• It didn't sell at auction and there's no pictures of the interior, that usually means their hiding something snazzy.*



11. Madrid, Spain – £84,458

Bedrooms: Two

Location: Pozuelo de Alarcón (nine minutes by train, or a 45 minute cycle through a massive park to the centre.)

• Might need a little, teeny bit of work, if you want to you know, live in it.

• What a bargain!

12. Prague, Czech Republic – £97,567

Bedrooms: Studio

Location: Prague 6 (about half an hour by tram to the centre.)

• Not good if you're really tall.

• There's a beautiful shared garden and a nice view of all the castley things.


15. Reykjavik, Iceland – £106,221

Bedrooms: Debateable, about two, there is another tiny cottage included not pictured here.

Location: Hólmsá (in the countryside, but only a 9 minute drive to the city centre, because Iceland is tiny.)

• No water or electricity.


Please note that currency conversion rates and housing markets are always changing. All figures were correct at the time of publication.


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