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    Do Not Look At This Post If You Are A Britney Spears Fan

    You've been warned.

    If we're going to grow as people we need to learn from our past. This is something we can learn from. This is therapy.

    If you are a Britney Spears fan and can make it through this post then you can do anything.

    God(ney)'s speed.

    1. Starting with *the glitch*

    Spotify / Via Sony Music

    3. An injustice.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    4. A mess.

    Sony Music

    7. A catastrophe.

    A deleted Vimeo video SMH / Via

    9. Fiction. / Via Sony Music

    10. A missed opportunity. / Via Google

    11. An assault on the ears.

    13. Completely unnecessary.

    Sony Music

    14. Strangely erotic?

    16. Sad.

    Lionsgate/Matt Stopera

    17. Kind of funny but in a sad way.

    20. Who is that and what did they do with Britney Spears?


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