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We Know What Your Canadian Democracy Style Is

Let's talk, Canada.

Since so many people have compared the government's new MyDemocracy survey to a BuzzFeed quiz, we decided to go ahead and make our own.

  1. Would you rather have online voting OR be chased by murderous clowns for the rest of your life?

  2. Ballots should be simple and easy to understand, even if that means putting one of those fake singing fish in every polling booth.

  3. Parliament should reflect the diversity of this country, even if that means allocating five seats to literal bears.

  4. A party that wins a majority should seek compromise with other parties, even if that means Canada will slowly sink into the sea, becoming a modern-day Atlantis.

  5. Canadians should be able to vote online, even if that means Stephen Harper will appear in the night to take away your first-born child.

  6. Eligible Canadians who do not vote should be dragged into the street and forced to read their posts circa 2003.

  7. Voting rights should be extended to:

  8. A government that is held accountable for its actions OR free froyo every Friday?

  9. Many parties that must reach a consensus OR American Gladiator-style fights between MPs?

  10. Which of these priorities is most important to you?

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