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    An Australian Politician Lost His Absolute Shit At A "Simpsons" Meme Page

    Old man yells at meme.

    An Australian politician spent much of his weekend being trolled by members of a Simpsons meme page after he attempted to "mash" them and troll them back.

    Federal Liberal National Party politician Andrew Laming embarked on an interesting new social media strategy on Saturday, repeatedly commenting on a Facebook page to prove how not mad he was after a meme mocking one of his recent Facebook comments appeared on the "Simpsons Against the Liberals" Facebook page.

    The image, which compared Laming's post to the ramblings of the senile Grandpa Simpson, was noticed by the Liberal MP on Saturday and was the catalyst for an 11-hour commenting spree that featured the politician trolling, countering, arguing, discussing, and insisting he wasn't at all mad with the page's tens of thousands of members.

    Here's Laming begging the page's admin to block him because he totally wouldn't be bothered at all if it did happen.

    Here he is debating the evolution of language and whether its correct to say "math" or "maths" in Australia.

    Here he is absolutely missing a South Park reference while insisting that he was both "a guy and a buddy" to the page's members.

    To his credit, Laming did take some time to attempt to discuss his thoughts on education with anyone who would listen.

    Laming eventually appeared to use both his verified Facebook page and his personal one to say as much as he could.

    And then, when it all seemed to have died down, the "Simpsons Against the Liberals" members began making their own new, Laming-inspired memes.

    Then someone went and discovered a guide Laming wrote in 2011, warning other politicians about getting into social media wars.

    “The key thing to note in terms of dealing with constituents is when they are handled carefully and respectfully the negative behaviour almost never continues," he said.

    The guide came after a 2010 online war Laming got into on his local paper's Facebook page. Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, it is bizarre.

    Now, two days after the mayhem, Laming and some of the members of the "Simpsons Against the Liberals" page have decided among themselves that the topic is well and truly dead.

    But at the time of publication, the memes were still flowing...

    ... And even Laming has offered some insight into why he won't let it go.

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