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    We Bet You Can't Make It Through This Post Without Laughing

    You definitely can't make it all the way through without cracking up.

    1. Let's start things slow.

    My mom made everyone get out of her picture with the food cause "ain't nobody help"

    2. Ease right into it.

    in 200 years this kind of sentence is going to be the equivalent of the canterbury tales where you need 4 years of…

    3. How are you doing?

    "Emma Stone" ~ Italian man telling you he's high

    4. There you go.

    When you find out he's been gleep glorping other bitches

    5. This will be fun.

    My mom and sister surprised me for thanksgiving & I thought I was getting robbed #happythanksgiving

    6. How about this Chrissy Teigen tweet?

    7. Or this Kenny G one?

    My hands are for one thing only: playing sax

    8. Any LOLs yet?

    doctor: you have 7 mins until you die me:

    9. How about a giggle?

    why my cinnamon role look like ET bus a nut

    10. Just let it out.

    11. A Joe Biden meme just might do it.

    Biden: Ideally I'd like to include traps from all of the Home Alone movies, but we've only got two months so the Ho…

    12. How about a hilarious dad text?

    13. Maybe a daylight savings joke?

    me last night: why are ppl mad abt daylight savings? gimme that extra hour of sleep! me walking outside today at 3p…

    14. Are you still with us?

    me after stealing a flat screen out of Best Buy

    15. C'mon, we know you want to laugh.

    me: *is single* beyoncé: "he's playing you" me:

    16. You deserve it.

    17. You HAVE to have laughed by now, right?

    god: i have made Mankind angels: you fucked up a perfectly good monkey is what you did. look at it. it's got anxiety

    18. There's no way you haven't let out at least a grin.

    Leaving my browser history open in case anyone in this coffee shop tries to steal my laptop when I'm in the bathroom.

    19. OK, mom jokes are pretty good.

    I told my mom I went out and she deadass made a meme of herself.

    20. Let this soak in.

    21. We're almost done.

    *David Attenborough voice* this frog is unaware it has been sold fake beats by dr dre headphones

    22. Almost there.

    me at 11:30pm: time to hit the hay and get a good night's sleep me at 3am:

    23. We know you're laughing.

    If Drake and Taylor Swift r dating, then Drake will eventually cheat & Taylor Swift's version of Lemonade will be titled Pumpkin Spice Latte

    24. Don't deny it.

    "Yo Candace your ass huge" "Steven, we're at work" "Shit ur right, ur ass VENTI"

    25. Just let the giggles wash over you.

    Honestly thought someone was just super excited about the drinks machine

    26. Bonus: This is cute AND funny.


    27. So many LOLs. So little time.

    I call my vagina "New Yorker cartoon" because it's dry and a handful of people have laughed at it

    28. Congrats, you made it!