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    The Canadian Government Basically Made A Bad BuzzFeed Quiz For Electoral Reform

    Yer an innovator, Harry.

    Remember when the Liberal Party campaigned on electoral reform then were like, meh?

    Electoral reform was the original scam

    Well the government has now launched, a survey-meets-quiz to "draw a picture of your democratic values."

    The ~innovative~ approach asks Canadians a series of questions about things like online voting, how political parties work together, and diverse representation.

    The quiz then spits out a label for you, such as "innovator" or "guardian."

    Obviously the opposition is taking the piss out of it.

    .@markstrahl just finished doing #mydemocracy and got GUARDIAN

    "After months of work by the parliamentary committee, the Prime Minister decides that a "Which Avenger are you?" style quiz is more appropriate. #ERRE"

    Après des mois de travail par comité parlementaire, la ministre décide qu'un quiz style "Which Avenger are you?" est plus approprié. #ERRE

    And others aren't very impressed with the quiz-style format.

    If you fill out you can learn what Starbucks latte you are, based on your electoral reform choice.

    Which Twilight character are you? Take the quiz to find out now at

    There's also been some comparisons drawn to BuzzFeed quizzes.

    I can honestly say I've taken BuzzFeed quizzes that were better designed than the Trudeau government's survey on electoral reform #cdnpoli

    Which is insulting because we would at least tell you what your results says about your sexual/food/style preferences. is a joke. I've seen more accurate surveys from Buzzfeed telling me what I ate for breakfast based on outfit I'm wearing.

    Seriously, we had nothing to do with it.

    I'm pretty sure the #mydemocracy 'personality quiz' results is a page straight out of @BuzzFeed. Can you confirm @elamin88?

    But also, get off our lawn.

    Although reactions like this were sort of inevitable.

    Pretty pleased with #mydemocracy result

    This too.

    Personally, I think the government should have invested in a Sorting Hat. PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION! STATUS QUO!…

    And while there's plenty of 😎dank memes😎 going around, there are also questions about whether the survey is actually useful.

    Beginning to think the people behind #MyDemocracy aren't 100% serious about electoral reform...#cdnpoli

    For example, none of the questions ask directly about electoral reform, just things that are thematically in that area.

    .@MaryamMonsef: The survey doesn't actually ask about a) a referendum or b) if there should be electoral reform: #MyDemocracy

    Seems like I missed the question on a referendum, I guess you don't ask the questions you don't want the answers to... #erre

    And some of the questions seem a bit one-sided.

    I'm not so sure about this question. Is somebody really going to say they're okay with sacrificing the integrity of…

    But it's not all snark. Some are praising the government for trying something new.

    Really neat survey to tell you where you fall on the spectrum of electoral reform #EngagedinER #mydemocracy

    Go to to find out how you feel about Harry Potter/sandwiches/sex positions/democracy.