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29 Gifts You Hated As A Kid But Would Love Now

All the things you tended to regift...or were clearly regifted to you.

1. Bath & Body Works gift sets that no one really wanted.

2. Bobby pins and ponytail holders that are now better than gold.

3. Wall calendars that seemed excessive considering the date was written on the chalkboard every morning.

4. Candles that were never lit because your parents thought you'd accidentally burn the house down.

5. Pajamas and onesies that were subtle reminders of your (very unfair and very early) bedtime.

6. Dainty jewelry sets that were a waste because you really just wanted those spiked studs from Claire's.

7. Decorative soap bars that remained untouched on your nightstand for weeks.

8. Planners that would serve as a birthday countdown, but not much else.

9. Underwear that came into your life before you understood the joy of a five-for-$25 sale.

10. Mugs that served no purpose because you still thought coffee was gross.

11. Random chocolate assortments that didn't contain well-known brands a young person would want.

12. Pencils that were the equivalent of getting coal in your stocking.

13. Cold weather accessory sets that were not from Abercrombie & Fitch. Or Hollister. Or even American Eagle.

14. Books from loved ones who still thought you were in preschool.

15. Blankets that just seemed unnecessary.

16. Plain tees that were so, so underappreciated in childhood.

17. Snow globes that, for some reason, you always had an abundance of.

18. Double-feature DVDs that you probably already owned.

19. Educational games you'd appreciate significantly more in your adulthood than your youth.

20. Trinket dishes that just added clutter to your already messy room.

21. Gift cards for stores you didn't even like.

22. Notebooks, because apparently you didn't get enough of them in September.

23. Piggy banks that were adorable, but you already had about five of them on your dresser.

24. Puzzles that you’d almost finish just to discover that the last few pieces were missing.

25. Bath sponges and gloves that were usually passed down to a younger sibling or parent.

26. Paint-by-numbers kits that were entertaining for maybe the first five seconds.

27. Socks that actually matched.

28. More socks.

29. And did I mention socks?

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