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    Dec 5, 2016

    21 Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful "Minions" Christmas Jumpers

    Have yourself a Minion little Christmas.

    1. Treat yourself to this cheeky little Minion jumper.

    2. Be très chic in this elegant longline jumper dress.

    3. This one isn't necessarily a Christmas jumper but, like every Minions jumper, it is good for every occasion.

    4. Entice your lover with this seasonal jumper.

    5. This jumper is guaranteed to bring you as much joy as it brings this small child.

    6. Be at the height of fashion with this minimal Minion.

    7. And this classic Minion jumper.

    8. Have yourself a Minion little Christmas with this beauty.

    9. Let everyone know you're a little bit naughty with this jumper.

    10. be the envy of all your friends with this moody Minion jumper.

    11. And let everyone know you've been naughty this year with this one.

    12. Bring artistry to your Christmas with this exquisite jumper.

    13. Your friends will be in awe when they see you in this risqué little number.

    14. Go hard or go home with this dazzling Minion jumper.

    15. This Christmas jumper's beauty knows no bounds.

    16. And this one is simply stunning.

    17. This "Minions meets Trump" jumper is both gorgeous and culturally relevant.

    18. And let them know you are definitely not on the nice list with this one.

    19. Gift your favourite feline this Minions jumper on Christmas Day.

    20. And if your sphynx cat feels forgotten bring it some Minions Christmas joy.

    21. Or if your actual Minion feels left out, treat it to it's own Christmas jumper!

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