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The "Good Girls Revolt" Cast Is Tweeting To Save The Show

"I don't know what to tell women, scared of their own president, who ask why you cancelled a hit feminist show 30 days in."

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Series creator Dana Calvo told BuzzFeed News's Kate Aurthur that she was "stunned" by Amazon's decision.

I just called @DanaSCalvo of #GoodGirlsRevolt, and she said this about its cancellation.

Sony also confirmed that they'll be shopping the show to other outlets.

In response to the news, members of the cast have been tweeting in support of Good Girls Revolt. Actor Genevieve Angelson said that she doesn't know "what to tell women, scared of their own president" about what the cancellation means.


And actor Chris Diamantopoulos also shared a post on Instagram with the hashtag #SaveGoodGirlsRevolt.

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