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35 Of The Best Gifts To Buy At H&M

One gift for you, two gifts for me...

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Slippers for someone who's a total monster in the morning.

Price: $14.99. Also available in black, in women's sizes 5.5-6, 7-8, 8.5-9.5.

2. Statement rhinestone earrings for the friend who MUST now go to the New Year's Eve party with you, I'm not kidding, I even got you earrings for're coming.,

Price: $12.99 (gold and rhinestone earrings) and $6.99 (long silver and rhinestone earrings).

3. A rib-knit throw for sweater-weather junkies.

Price: $59.99

4. A rose-gold metal travel mug for fulfilling your morning fix.

Price: $12.99. Also available in turquoise.

5. A 3/4 sleeve shirt for every member of your #squad.

Price: $14.99. Available in sizes XS-L.

6. A scented candle in a decorative glass jar.

Price: $5.99. Also available in cinnamon, mahogany, and cotton.

7. Nine new hues for the palette addict.

Price: $9.99. Available in six color themes.

8. These flannel jogger pajama pants.

Price: $24.99. Also available in grey, sizes S-XL.

9. An elegant glass and metal hexagon box for your bestie's boudoir.

Price: $17.99. Also available in small rectangle and large rectangle.

10. A Kenzo x H&M collab flat brim.

Price: $49.99. Available in S/54, M/56, and L/58.

11. A chic mini-purse for traveling light.

Price: $34.99. Also available in red and silver.

12. A baby-soft beanie in 100% cashmere.

Price: $29.99. Also available in powder pink, gray, and black.

13. A ceramic pineapple candle with a removable lid.

Price: $17.99. Also available in gold.

14. These wintry onesies to wear the entire holiday break.,

Price: $39.99 (polar bear) and $34.99 (reindeer). Also available in penguin and Christmas tree.

15. A genuine leather toiletry bag for the world traveler.

Price: $59.99

16. A cozy scarf for colder days.

Price: $19.99

17. Hair accessories for the friend who can't find hers. Ever.,

Price: $2.99 (elastics) and $2.99 (bobby pins).

18. A doggy sweatshirt with pile-weave lining for one of those small dogs that's always shaking.

Price: $19.99

19. A pair of festive gingerbread socks that are a thousand times better than a tie.

Price: $3.99. Available in men's sizes 7.5-9, 10-11.5.

20. A plaid flannel button-down that's the perfect layer.

Price: $24.99. Sizes 14-24.

21. A pair of earbuds fit for a queen.

Price: $24.99

22. A set of mugs for you and your one-and-only.

Price: $17.99

23. Bottle stoppers for bottle poppers.,

Price: $3.99 (bear) and $4.99 (reindeer).

24. A pair of minimal, metal-framed retro sunnies.

Price: $9.99

25. A cautionary sloth ugly sweater.

Price: $19.99. Available in sizes XS-L.

26. A color-blocked backpack with a drawstring and faux-leather buckle closure.

Price: $49.99

27. An apple your teacher might actually like.

Price: $6.99. Also available in gold and pear-shaped.

28. Fitness apparel for members of your fit fam.

Price: $12.99. Also available in gray and black, sizes XS-L.

29. A mesh and nylon drawstring bag that comes with a water bottle and microfiber towel.

Price: $17.99

30. These sweet tortoiseshell earbuds by Happy Plugs x H&M.

Price: $39.99. Available in nine colors.

31. A pair of floral storage boxes for organizing in style.

Price: $9.99

32. Soft knit joggers for that one pajamas-in-public person.

Price: $34.99. Also available in blush, sizes XS-XL. Matching top here.

33. A new makeup bag in pink crushed velvet.

Price: $9.99. Also available in quilted black and metallic red.

34. An iPhone case in a copper-colored, matte satin finish.

Price: $29.99. Available for iPhone 6/6s in eight colors.

35. And a 24-day nail color calendar that keeps the giving season going.

Price: $49.99

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