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26 Fucking Funny Christmas Tumblr Posts Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

This post ~sleighs~.

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1. This dark and literal post:

2. This question we've all had at some point:

3. The best way to eat candy canes:

4. This change of opinion we've all experienced:

5. This comment on unpredictable weather:

6. This sad-but-hilarious truth:

7. This sudden, yet totally necessary change:

8. And this one:

9. This big change that happens every December:

10. This reference to a great Christmas movie:

11. This guy, who is a Christmas idol:

12. Whichever giant family this feast belongs to:

13. This idea for all lazy decorators:

14. This post that makes you go, "ME":

15. Santa's comment:

16. This painful truth:

17. This random Google query:


18. This moment we've all experienced several times:

19. This definitely-not-dramatic text post:

20. How we all sing "Feliz Navidad":

21. This unbelievable realization:

22. This post, describing you perfectly when getting gifts:

23. This theory...

24. This laziness...

25. This creative tree...

26. And finally, this story that actually makes a ton of sense:


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