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23 Things That Made Aussies Mutter "Oh, Get Fucked" In 2016

Could you maybe just stop fucking deconstructing everything?

1. This chick who couldn't just take a photo under the fucking jacarandas like a normal person.

@browncardigan / Via

2. And this bloke who single-handedly ruined everything by dabbing under them.

@browncardigan / Via

3. This monster who obviously had no fucking clue about the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" rule.

@ berettas_langwarrin / Via

Yes, that's a meat pie parma.

4. And this joint that's basically just serving a plate of salty-ass Doritos with a stingy-cunt amount of sauce.

@cooksuck / Via

5. This highly un-Australian request.

@jsaville74 / Via Twitter: @jsaville74

6. And this extremely unnecessary pairing.

@chuckbraz / Via Twitter: @chuckbraz

7. This cunt delivering food on a skateboard which explains why nothing is ever delivered on fucking time.

@browncardigan / Via

8. This fucking piss-poor attempt at an election day snag.

Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed

9. And whoever was responsible for this peak-wank coffee order.

@browncardigan / Via

Righto princess, calm down.

10. This just really embarrassing Pokémon Go/Jesus Christ collaboration.

@browncardigan / Via

11. And this even shitter attempt at a joke.

@browncardigan / Via

12. This mighty fine fusion "sushie" meal.

@browncardigan / Via

13. And this BBQ version that should never have left ol' mate Dazza's mind when he drunkenly suggested it one night.

@browncardigan / Via

14. The hipsters who created these fucking pointless coffees.

@jonfildes / Via Twitter: @jonfildes

15. And the cunts over at Arnott's responsible for this absolute mess.


16. The monsters who basically have a shrine to the biggest fucking pests in the world.

@browncardigan / Via

17. And this batch of cunts buzzing about just to be annoying.

@Nooie_Noo / Via Twitter: @Nooie_Noo

18. This absolutely cracker sleuth work.

7 News / Via Twitter: @schillingtay

19. And this sheila risking her safety to get the perfect pic of her fucking handbag.

@browncardigan / Via

20. These cunts who make it impossible to go for a nice, brisk walk.

@DanosDiesDerpin / Via Twitter: @DanosDiesDerpin

21. And these ones that find any fucking chance they can to laugh at you.

@DianneCostin / Via Twitter: @DianneCostin

22. The lengths this bloke has gone to for a sunset rosé pic.

@browncardigan / Via

23. And this wank's sheer dedication for a photo of a fucking pint.

@browncardigan / Via

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