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33 Of The Best Gifts To Buy At Urban Outfitters

Head massagers, a rainbow light projector, metal Christmas trees, and 30 other amazing products for everyone on your list.

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1. A 2017 calendar featuring adorable cats in attractive sweaters.

2. A grilled cheese toaster for the friend who eats grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


8. A rainbow light projector that doesn't require a torrential downpour to be seen.

10. A cookbook that will let your BFF satisfy his/her sweet tooth in just 3 minutes.

11. A fast food eraser and sharpener set for the people who still use pencils.


12. A DIY hanging terrarium that includes a glass vase, twine, geode, moss, and sand.

14. A hand cream that any fan of dessert will salivate over.

15. A 2017 calendar for the annoying friend who won't stop talking about GOT. AKA everyone.


17. A flask that is working undercover as a fleece-lined mitten.

19. KIMOJI stickers that are good for the soul.


20. An LED sipper that will light up any party. Literally.

23. A donut pushpin holder that brings a tasty new meaning to office supplies.


30. A souper mug that provides the perfect gift for any kitchen.


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