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What's Your Office Holiday Party Horror Story?

Tell us what still makes you cringe when you see your coworkers.

Office holiday parties are breeding grounds for awkward and embarrassing situations.

When you mix copious amounts of alcohol and people you try to act professional with on a daily basis, you're just asking for trouble.

Maybe you once confessed a long-held crush on — or even hooked up with — a coworker, and everyone witnessed it.

Perhaps you busted out what you thought would be a cool dance move that ended up making you the laughingstock of the water cooler crowd.

Or maybe you got so drunk you puked all over your boss's shoes, and the coworker you hate had to hold your hair back the whole time.

Tell us about what still makes you cringe when you see your coworkers or boss in the comments for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!