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This Guy Tweeted About Feminism Being Toxic To "Indian Womanism" And Twitter Just Fucking Went In

"Indian womanism and Familism: repacking patriarchy in fancy words."

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On December 3, Indian author and activist Rahul Easwar tweeted a super confusing tweet about how he is not anti-women but just anti-feminist.

And people immediately took the opportunity to call out how spectacularly ridiculous it is.

Particularly lambasting the terms "familism" and "Indian womansim", which are fraught with patriarchal expectations of women.

People were livid at Easwar's ideology that only supports women's rights within a patriarchal framework.

Rahul Easwar told BuzzFeed that as a right winger one of his principle philosophies is that "feminism is unscientific as gender is not a social construct but a god-given one".

In conclusion:

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