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14 Of The Most Non-Sanskaari Things That Happened In 2016

Zero fucks were given this year.

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1. When Ileana D'Cruz did a modern Indian bride photoshoot and didn't spare a single fuck to sanskaar.

Arjun Mark / Via

2. When 14 beautiful, confident, dark-skinned women shut down conventional beauty standards by confessing what they love about themselves.

Priyadarshini Ravichandran / The Soup

3. When this woman turned down an arranged marriage because the guy wanted her to get rid of her dog.

Karishma Walia

4. When a bunch of Instagrammers wore badass makeup to show people that "Indian woman" isn't synonymous with "sanskaari".

5. When actress Saloni Chopra started an Instagram series calling out slut-shaming in India.

6. And when she did the same about shaming women for their bra strap showing.

7. When a mother gave her trans daughter her sari as a way of accepting and embracing her gender identity.

8. When this politician's mom silenced a troll about having "free sex".

9. When this woman asked her arranged-to-be-husband a bunch of questions about her working and living her own life before agreeing to marry him.

Nazreen Fazal

10. When Sania Mirza perfectly shut down Rajdeep Sardesai after he asked her a question about "settling down".

11. When this photoshoot pointed out how women in present-day India are vilified for displaying the same traits as the goddesses we worship.

Victoria Krundysheva

12. When this couple got up in the middle of their wedding and played with a metal band.

Coffee Stains / Via Facebook:

13. When this badass bride entered her wedding, wearing aviators and ridding a frikkin' Royal Enfield Bullet.

14. And this incredible mehendi.

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