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    Today In Wedding Goals: This Bride And Groom Performed With A Metal Band

    A couple that slays together stays together.

    Detroit-based band members of Dulhan Brass Band, Akshaya and Sriram, tied the knot in November last year, in Bengaluru.

    Coffee Stains / Via Facebook:

    What set their wedding apart was that the groom got behind a drum set and the sari-clad bride provided heavy metal vocals to their own performance.

    Coffee Stains / Via Facebook:

    "Since our guitarist was with us at the wedding, we came up with this crazy idea of performing at the wedding. Another friend agreed to do the bass and we were all set," the couple told BuzzFeed.

    The couple explained that the idea of them performing wasn't really decided beforehand and said that their parents and guests didn't really know it was going to happen.

    Coffee Stains / Via Facebook:

    "We presumptuously told them we were going to perform and they were just happy we were showing some interest with wedding prep. We have both played in bands in India for a while so they're used to it, I think," they added.

    "They all promptly clapped after each song. It was so cute. They were definitely taken aback with the growling. There was no response during those parts."

    Coffee Stains / Via Facebook:

    "All of us who were in on this wanted to keep everything traditional. Tradition is hipster, nowadays," Akshaya told BuzzFeed.

    Coffee Stains / Via Facebook:

    Akshaya further explained that it was their love for music that got them together in the first place.

    Coffee Stains / Via Facebook:

    "An old school friend who had seen me sing in Bangalore was eager to set me up with two of her desi friends who were jamming in Detroit and looking to expand their band. One of them was Sriram who plays the drums and we discovered that both of us worked at Chrysler. We started dating soon after. After an accelerated few months in our relationship we decided to get married."

    Here's a short clip of them performing "Blackest Eyes" by Porcupine Tree at the ceremony.

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