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You'll Want To Go For The Exact Same Holiday As Alia Bhatt After Looking At These Photos

It looks pretty expensive but that mustn't stop your dreams.

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2016 has been a busy, busy year for Alia Bhatt – she released three incredible movies, on which she worked very hard.

Dharma Productions/Balaji Motion Pictures

To relax and, presumably, to celebrate being the queen of Bollywood, she recently took her family on a vacay to the Maldives.

And she's been having a baller time there.

Look at her chilling with zero care for the world in this infinity pool.

This can easily be the album art for an Alia Bhatt single, if she ever drops one.

She also made friends with a sea turtle and here she can be seen giving it some life advice.

She and her sister/BFF Shaheen also indulged in some anti-gravity yoga...

Which seems fun to watch and not so fun to physically do.

Instagram: @aliaabhatt

Her vacation food aesthetic was gorgeous.

This plate of papaya is prettier than me.

Most of all, Maldives served as a superb backdrop for Alia to take lots of potential profile pictures.

Great stuff, Alia. You deserve it. 👏👏👏