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15 Jokes That Only Make Sense To Pokemon Sun And Moon Players

Harken back to a time when Poké Balls never missed.

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1. Altruism:

2. Unexpected comebacks:

Nintendo / Via

3. Harsh realities:


4. Pleasant unpleasantness:

5. This infuriating chore:


6. Unconfirmed conspiracies:

Nickelodeon / Nintendo

7. Confirmed conspiracies:

Nintendo / Nickelodeon

8. Biological facts:

when the young hatch they imitate the mother to learn survival skills

9. This baller:


10. Tragic mistakes:


11. This dick move:

Type: Null is interesting and all but Digimon did it first

12. Truth bombs:

Nintendo / Via

13. The ultimate stuggle:

14. Magical turn of events:

Nintendo / Via

15. This:

Nintendo / Via /

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