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We Chatted With The Writing Pair Behind "The Last Of Us Part II" About The Game's "Dangerous, Threatening, And Beautiful" World

We sat down with Neil Druckmann (@Neil_Druckmann) and Halley Gross (@Grosstastic), the writing duo behind the hotly anticipated The Last of Us Part II, to talk about creating a postapocalyptic world, the nature of violence, and why their game aims to "one up [God of War] in every regard."

Eric Sams One year ago

Just Some Dope Unreleased Video Games To Get You Excited For E3 2018

BuzzFeed's GoodGame was on the ground at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and we saw all manner of cool shit. Here's a list of upcoming 2018 highlights just in time to kick off your annual E3 mania!

Eric Sams One year ago

11 "Doom" Demons To Get Reacquainted With (Before You Send Them To Hell)

In Doom for Nintendo Switch, demons have taken over Mars! Here's a handy guide of who you may run into.

tyler naugle One year ago
Chesney Lattuga One year ago

If You Get 8/10 On This Blizzard Quiz You're Probably Going To BlizzCon

In celebration of BlizzCon 2017, test your Blizzard Entertainment knowledge with our BlizzQuizz! Can you get 100% without using Google?

J.J. 2 years ago
Daniel Toy 2 years ago

Here's What "Pokkén Tournament DX" Taught Me About Fighting Games

I wanna be the very best...because honestly I'm so, so bad.

Daniel Toy 2 years ago

Forge A Ring Of Power And We'll Give You An Orc Name

Hold out your hand. It's quite cool.

Tim Unkenholz 2 years ago
Eric Sams 2 years ago

I Made A Treasure Hunt Inspired By Magic: The Gathering's Ixalan!

In celebration of Magic: The Gathering's newest expansion set, Ixalan, I created a treasure hunt so gamers in Los Angeles could live out their dreams of being a pirate. Treasure ahoy!

J.J. 2 years ago

10 Dumb Things We Do Making Characters In Video Games

Trying to make a virtual version of yourself always results in a self-own.

Tim Unkenholz 2 years ago
Tyler Haruta 2 years ago

BuzzFeed Picks Our Favorite Video Games Of E3

If anyone needs us, we'll just be watching these game trailers on loop ...

Eric Sams 2 years ago

7 Ways I Proved To My Mom That Video Games Are Not Boring

Video games are cool and fun and not a waste of time MOM!

Jeffrey Vega 2 years ago

Let Us Guess Your "Tekken" Animal Fighter

We're all animals when Tekken 7 drops.

Huy Truong 2 years ago
Daniel Toy 2 years ago

We Played "For Honor" With Celebrities (And Got Destroyed)

When Ubisoft x Twitch Prime co-hosted a celebrity live stream of Ubi's new hack n' slash game For Honor, everyone was getting along fine...until we started playing.

Eric Sams 2 years ago

Can We Guess Who You Always Play As In "Mario Kart"?

AKA: Who you claim immediately before your asshole older brother can.

Eileen Connors 2 years ago

Let Video Game Characters Choose Your Booze For St. Paddy's Day!

Pick a green video game character and find out what you'll be drinking for St. Patrick's Day!

J.J. 2 years ago
Jake Russell Tapleshay 2 years ago