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22 Gifts For The Person Who Forgets Literally Everything

Did I unplug my straightener? OMG.

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2. A keychain phone cable that guarantees you won't spend the day asking co-workers for their iPhone chargers.

3. A security lock for all those "where the hell is the remote" moments of panic.


4. An app that saves articles for later, AKA is the TiVo of reading.

No more scrolling through fourteen different websites to find the article you were looking for.

Get the premium version from iTunes for $4.

5. A pocket-sized Tile Mate tracker that guarantees you won't lose your damn wallet.

Just put this tiny device in your wallet and use your phone to track it. Also works for your phone, keys, etc.

Get it from Amazon for $24.92.

7. A book of assorted cards for all the occasions you already forgot.

*five minutes before having to leave* What is this event again? A birthday? *rips out card from book*

Get it from Amazon for $16.81.


8. A timed outlet that will ease your worries about burning the house down.

10. Duckbill and nose stands for people who spend forever looking for their eyeglasses, Velma in Scooby Doo style.,

Having a designated place to put your glasses makes it more likely you'll actually know where to find them.

Get them from Art Akimbo on Etsy for $40 (left) and $40 (right).

11. An app that safely remembers passwords and other personal info, because we all know you won't.


12. An emergency cash keychain for people who never remember that they're going to a cash-only place.

15. A wood shelf that keeps your two most losable possessions in check.

This handy dandy shelf comes with a magnetic attachment for your keys.

Get it from Amazon for $29.32.


17. A door knob organizer that is much more functional than a "do not disturb" sign.

Use this organizer to store all your small, easy-to-forget necessities.

Get it from Amazon for $8.95.

18. A solar-powered portable charger that you don't even have to remember to charge.


21. Watering stakes that basically take care of your plants for you.

These stakes let out a slow stream of water, giving your plants the perfect amount of ~hydration~.

Get it from Amazon for $17.95.


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