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17 Food Items That Are Definitely NOT Food

SAFETY WARNING: Do not consume.

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1. These scrumptious "cupcakes."

Which are really bath bombs for "calorie-free indulgences for sweet scented soaks."

2. This "sushi" that seems just a little bit questionable.

The waxy texture isn't coming from the seaweed...

3. These "cucumbers" that you definitely shouldn't put in your salad.

Even though they look like they'd go perfect with some peanut butter or hummus.

Mmmm, hummus.

Mmmm, hummus.

4. This "candy mountain" you thought would satisfy your sweet tooth.

It may be vegan, but it's definitely not meant to be ingested by you or your hipster friends.

5. This deceptive little devil.

"Prevents razor burn and skin irritation." Does not pair well with vermouth.

6. This extra strong "lemon oil."

That "...can be potentially toxic to pets..."

"For external use only."

"For external use only."

7. This "brown sugar" you accidentally put in grandma's famous cookies.

But it's "100% Pure & Natural!"

8. This duo of "eggs" that is 100% guaranteed to ruin your breakfast.

"Contains red clay, coconut oil and the white of an egg."

The clay doesn't sound too appealing, but the egg whites and coconut are tempting...

The clay doesn't sound too appealing, but the egg whites and coconut are tempting...

9. This yummy "lemon custard."

I have never heard of a body soufflé, but I don't think I'm supposed to eat it...

10. This "manuka honey" to add to your morning cup of tea.

Although it's not as sweet as it sounds...

11. This "avocado butter."

Which is not actually for avocado toast...

12. This "natural raw mango butter" that you will want to devour.

I've heard of almond butter, but is edible mango butter actually a thing?!

BRB, running to the grocery store.

BRB, running to the grocery store.

13. This "coconut and hibiscus dead sea salt" that would put your neighbor's table salt to shame.

"Great to relax in." Terrible when used to flavor food.

14. This "triple extra virgin sweet almond oil."

If it's not edible, why label it "triple extra virgin sweet almond oil"??

15. This "hair milk" for your morning bowl of cheerios.

"No artificial colors."

16. This "matcha" that you really don't want in your morning latte.

"Volcanic mud vitamins and minerals will give your skin naturally healthy glow." But it will also taste like mud if you try to eat it... so don't.

17. And this "mineral water spray" that is literally just water...

"For home or on the go, now you can experience the benefits of the fabulous French spa treatment that women have been enjoying for over 150 years."

Okay, Evian...

Okay, Evian...

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