17 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up Every Black Girl's Hair Experience

    When your petty scalp only itches before your relaxer.

    1. When the black stylist population in your new city is .0007%.

    2. When the only other option is half cornrows, half blow-out so you endure the pain.

    3. When your scalp decides to be extra petty.

    4. And you feel like you're in hell, but picture day is tomorrow.

    5. When you're stuck between "My new growth is dis.re.spect.ful" and "But I want it to be fresh, tho!"

    6. When you're trying to determine what all you'll need and if it's enough.

    7. Because you know how your stylist likes to play games.

    8. So you have to cancel plans before you even make them.

    9. When you're just hoping the outside braids still look fresh by the time your mom gets to the inside braids.

    10. When that twist-out can't actually come out until next week.

    11. When haircare products becomes an actual bill.

    12. And when the "ethnic" hair aisle doesn't come thru.

    13. When you're STILL waiting for someone to invent a comb built to last.

    14. When your hair is all nice and lustrous, but so is everything you touch.

    15. When there's no more hot water for the people coming after you.

    16. When your arms are toned but the rest of you hasn't been to a gym since 1999.

    17. But at least you get a workout in on rainy days.

    There's a reason why I run like this to the nearest shelter when I see the first drop of rain. #Blackhairproblems