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38 Creepy Cool Gifts Every Skull Lover Will Want

Bad to the bone is an understatement.

1. A gorgeous pink, white, and gold rose skull tea set.

2. A black and purple T-shirt with a delicate lace hem, and cross and skulls illustration.

3. An acrylic and wood skull lamp that has been laser engraved to give an awesome 3D illusion.

4. A chic umbrella with a silver skull handle.

5. A skull USB hub you can use to charge all of your electronic devices.

6. A black leather bracelet with gold skull studs or a black hinged bracelet with a skull rocking a darling pink bow.

7. A pretty gold wine bottle stopper made from resin and stainless steel.

8. A contortionist skeleton end table that may give your guests a serious scare.

9. A glass skull decanter set that includes a pair of shot glasses.

10. A pair of peach and white fingerless skull gloves.

11. A black skull jumpsuit that you can wear all year long.

12. A beautiful skull platter made from white marble.

13. A skull ice cube mold set for some bone-chilling drinks.

14. A Guns N' Roses tee, Metallica "And Justice for All" tee or bleached Iron Maiden tee.

15. A skeleton toilet paper holder that is beyond creepy cool.

16. A silver skull choker with a black velvet ribbon.

17. A set of silver sugar skull measuring spoons.

18. A clear phone case that features an extremely laid back skull.

19. A glowing skull and crossbones neon lamp.

20. A skull makeup bag with bright pink stripes.

21. A planner with a cover decorated with flowers and a sugar skull.

22. A tasty pack of white chocolate skull lollipops.

23. A pair of black and gold cameo earrings made for skull royalty.

24. A unicorn skull jewelry holder with a glass to and gold horn.

25. A pair of sugar skull western rain boots with pink detailing.

26. A set of customized moose skull bookends you can paint almost any color.

27. A grey tunic with a simple skull and roses graphic.

28. A pretty bedazzled skull necklace and earrings set.

29. A set of black and white handmade skull mugs. Or you can you opt for a massive viking skull beer stein that will definitely take your sipping to the next level.

30. An oversized skull-print scarf to rattle your accessories collection a bit.

31. A flowers and skull case to dress up your favorite lipstick.

32. A skull and crossbones tie or bowtie to give your next formal look a little extra attitude.

33. A handsome silver skull candle with a crimson jawline.

34. A copy of Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, which features a lenticular cover that transitions from a photo of the beloved designer's face to a skull illustration.

35. A wine bottle holder nothing can hold a flame to.

36. A skull and flowers laptop sleeve you'll want to take everywhere.

37. A crystal paperweight with an anatomically correct skull injected inside of it.

38. And if you have some major dollars to spend, an ivory and gold skull and crossbones easel calendar will add a luxurious touch to your kitchen counter or desk.

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