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32 Products Every Awkward Human Will Deeply Relate To

*does mannequin challenge to avoid talking to people*

1. A layered pin that mimics how you feel after every failed interaction with your crush.

2. A pillow that matches the awkward silence after you see an acquaintance in the elevator and can't think of anything to say besides "hi."

3. A butt-shaped lamp that only lights up when you slap it (like Tina Belcher would).

4. A cute illustrated print that hits way too close to home.

5. A simple tee that gives Caesar a run for his money.

6. A box of conversation topics for when your brain goes blank (which is always).

Get it from Amazon for $25.

7. A prayer hands patch for awkward people hoping for some divine intervention.

8. A Jean Paul Sartre-inspired notebook that just understands your worst nightmare — people.

9. A fortune cookie pin that actually provides useful advice.

10. Informative flashcards that will teach you how to get in with the *cool* crowd.

I recommend greeting everyone with "what it don't" instead.

Get them from Knock Knock Stuff or Amazon for $10.

11. A self-conscious tee that tends to accidentally blurt out dumb things.

12. A wine-dispensing purse to keep necessary reinforcements on hand during social gatherings.

13. A hoodie pillow for avoiding small talk with your overly-friendly seatmate.

14. A tee that writes your autobiography for you.

15. Washi tape that helps you call yourself out.

*hugs dumpster*

Get it from Stay Home Club for $5.

16. A mug that illustrates you wanting to Apparate far away after an embarrassing situation.

17. A nerdy pillowcase that sums up your personality quite nicely.

18. Thinking putty for when you're super nervous and need something to fiddle with.

19. Embroidered hoop art with a phrase you either say or think at least ten times a day.

20. A giggle-inducing game that lets you pair awkward family photos with the *most fitting* movie lines.

21. Embroidered patches that serve as a warning to all those around you.

22. A much-needed book that helps you navigate life's most painfully awkward scenarios.

23. A poster ode to Tina Belcher's best lines on Bob's Burgers.

24. A self-love pin for when you realize you're probably better off alone.

25. A journal that provides a safe space to sound off on awkward encounters and general anxieties.

26. A print for every awkward response you pull out of your butt.

27. A card featuring an awkward cactus that just wants a hug.

28. A patch for bookworms who want to be just a little ~cooler~.

29. A minimalist print that encourages you to be your truest, weirdest self.

30. A sweatshirt that is relevant all year round.

31. A Wednesday Addams pin for when people mistake your happy face for anger or apathy.

32. A shy ghost notebook with a slightly grim outlook.

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