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The Average Ages When Every Major Event Happens In Your Life

The average person loses their virginity at 17 years old.

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This video reveals the average ages at which every major milestone happens in your life, from birth to death:

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The average number of babies born in the world today: approximately 390,000

When you learn how to walk: 9 - 20 months old

When you learn how to talk: 1 - 1½ years old

Average number of years between siblings: 2½ years

Average number of siblings you have: 2

When you have an imaginary friend: 3 - 7 years old

When you learn to read and write: 4 years old


When you lose your first tooth: 6 years old

When you stop believing in Santa Claus: 8 - 9 years old

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Goodbye, childhood...

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...and hello, teendom.

When boys hit puberty: 9 - 14 years old

When girls have their first period: 10 - 15 years old

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When you get drunk for the first time: 13 - 14 years old

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When you get high for the first time: 12 - 18 years old

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When you have your first kiss: 15 years old

When you fall in love for the first time: 15 - 19 years old

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When you lose your virginity: 17 years old

When you graduate high school: 17 - 18 years old

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Now that you've turned 18...

NBC / Via've entered adulthood.

When you commit to your first relationship: 18 years old

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And then when you experience your first breakup: 19 - 23 years old

When you graduate college: 21 - 22 years old

When you have the most number of friends: 25 years old

But the average number of close friends you actually have: 2

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When you give birth for the first time: 26 years old

When you get married: 27 - 29 years old

The average number of jobs you have by 32 years old: 4

The average number of time you spend at each job: 4.6 years

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When you buy your first house: 33 years old

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And now that you've settled down...

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...welcome to middle age.

When you get a divorce: 42 - 45 years old

When your children begin to leave home: 44 years old

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When you're the unhappiest: 44 - 45 years old

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When you experience your midlife crisis: 45 - 55 years old

When you become a grandparent: 47 - 52 years old

Followed tragically by the passing of your own parents: 50 - 55 years old

And last, but definitely not least...

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...your golden years.

When you finally retire: 62 years old

The average number of times you move to another home in your lifetime: 11 - 12

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When you're the happiest: 65 - 79 years old

The average age when men die: 76 years old. The average age when women die: 81 years old

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The average number of deaths in the world today: approximately 155,000

BuzzFeed Motion Pictures / Via many of these milestones have you experienced at the average age?