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19 Tweets That Will Make All "House Hunters" Fans Laugh Out Loud

"The realtor is gonna kill this couple and...she is not wrong."

1. When some people's expectations are a little too high:

2. When having neighbors is a total deal breaker:

3. When this seems like a perfectly normal request:

4. When money is no object:

5. When you just can't seem to look away:

6. When someone takes the show way too seriously:

7. When the realtor has to put on two hats...

8. ...and looks like they are about to GO OFF:


9. When the narrator sets the story up:

10. When House Hunters has become a part of your nightly ritual:

11. When you question what love really is:

12. When the couple might as well buy a house made of granite:


13. When they can't just let the phrase "man cave" die already:

14. When they want to be right next door to the beach, city, mountains, and work all at once.

15. When you see the worst of humanity:

16. When you just gotta follow the script:


17. When every room is for wine-drinking:

18. When they gotta make use of the new home:

19. And finally, when you don't know how you got to this point in your life: