It’s Been 20 Years Since “Cruel Intentions,” And There’s Never Been Another Movie Quite Like It

Back in 1999, when nihilism was cooler than niceness, the shameless teen debauchery of Cruel Intentions sparked a generation’s sexual awakening.

Shannon Keating • 13 days ago

Ariana Grande And Dua Lipa Are Joining Pop Culture’s Lesbian Lookalike Party

Doppelgänger imagery sometimes reduces queerness to a symbol or fetish — but subverting that trope can be a way to consider the link between self-recognition and desire.

Shannon Keating • One month ago

"The Bisexual" Is The Queer Women Drama Of My Dreams

Desiree Akhavan’s Hulu series offers everything I needed — and didn’t get — from The L Word the first time around.

Shannon Keating • One month ago

Ellen DeGeneres And The Limits Of Relatability

After decades trying to convince an anti-gay mainstream that she’s a relatable person — gay, but “just like you” — Ellen ended up in a prison of her own making.

Shannon Keating • 2 months ago

Glennon Doyle Is Trying To Wake Up White Women. Is It Working?

The author, activist, and former mommy blogger has been encouraging her mostly white fans to speak up and empower themselves. What happens when her new advice is to shut up, listen, and let women of color lead the way?

Shannon Keating • 3 months ago

"7th Heaven" Duped Me Into Believing In A Christian Family Fantasy

Growing up, 7th Heaven offered me wholesome Christian comfort. But then I saw myself in queer shows like South of Nowhere, in which the Christian grown-ups weren’t saviors.

Shannon Keating • 3 months ago

Is A Successful Creative Life — Without Kids — Enough?

Private Life and Can You Ever Forgive Me? are two of the most recent movies to make me wonder: As a queer person facing an uncertain future, do I want to have children?

Shannon Keating • 4 months ago

We Prioritize Boys' Suffering At Girls' Expense

Controversy over Brett Kavanaugh's nomination has raised the question: Should 17-year-old boys be held responsible later in life for alleged sexual assault? That depends on whose pain we value most.

Shannon Keating • 6 months ago

All Hail The New Queer Teen Stars

The rise of young, unapologetically queer artists like King Princess is thrilling, but makes me a little sad for the closeted kid I once was.

Shannon Keating • 7 months ago

Hannah Gadsby Refuses To Make Lesbianism The Butt Of The Joke

Joking about homophobia won't solve it — and as Gadsby says in her new Netflix special, Nanette, that tension might make us sick. So she offers a radical alternative.

Shannon Keating • 8 months ago

Poll Finds Lesbians Are Only 16% Of The LGBTQ Population In America

While young women are now more likely to identify as queer or bisexual, they’re much less likely to identify as lesbians.

Shannon Keating • 9 months ago

People Are Pissed At The New Rules For New York Pride

A new route and group limits for this year's march have sparked outrage and raised questions about who should — and shouldn't — be barred from marching.

Shannon Keating • 9 months ago

In Defense Of "Unflattering" Clothes

It’s my body, and I’ll wear a fashion potato sack if I want to.

Shannon Keating • 9 months ago

These Basketball Players Sued Their College For Anti-Gay Discrimination — And Lost

Haley Videckis and Layana White gave up everything to sue Pepperdine University for discrimination. Though they lost the case, they set a major precedent for LGBT rights.

Shannon Keating • 9 months ago

Three Big Superhero Movies, One Queer Tragedy Trope

In three of the last year's biggest superhero movies, queer-coded minor characters were either straightened out or killed off in strangely similar ways.

Shannon Keating • One year ago

What Would A Less Gendered World Really Look Like?

Gender still matters. But how might our world change if we were all empowered to define it for ourselves?

Shannon Keating • One year ago

How Jack From "Titanic" Launched A Thousand Lesbian Awakenings

Leonardo DiCaprio and other androgynous '90s heartthrobs looked a lot like the soft butch queer women we'd grow up to date in real life.

Shannon Keating • One year ago

LGBT Movies From 2017 You Need To See

2017 was mostly bad. Lots of great queer movies, though!

Shannon Keating • One year ago

The End Of An Emo Era Is Breaking My Teenage Heart

As a teenager, Brand New’s music helped me through some of the darkest times in my life. That makes the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against lead singer Jesse Lacey hit even harder.

Shannon Keating • One year ago

The Uncertain Future Of Outing

For decades, Kevin Spacey used the media’s fear of “outing” him to keep sexual misconduct allegations out of the news. But what really counts as “outing” — and when is it justified?

Shannon Keating • One year ago