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21 Kids Who Know Exactly What They Want For Christmas

"A shark that goes underwater and grabs me corndogs that are already baked."

1. This boy, who is going to start the world's raddest zoo.

2. This girl, who wants what we all want, really.

3. This boy, who should really tell us if he gets that shark, because that sounds awesome.

Mcd723 / Via

4. This girl, who at least said please.

5. This girl, who has so much love to give this holiday season.

6. This boy, who probably thought asking for $30 was too greedy.

7. This girl, who is not messing around when it comes to Christmas.

8. This three-year-old, who dictated a Christmas list that could not be more clear.

9. This girl, who knows that revenge is a dish best served...merry.

10. This boy, who needs a muzzle because of reasons.

11. This girl, who is not giving away her shot.

12. This boy, who'd better get that puppy — in fact, let's all get puppies.

13. This girl, who should probably be a little clearer about what she wants.

mmmel / Via

14. This boy, who was smart enough to add "just kidding."

15. This girl, who wants an entirely different holiday altogether.

16. This boy, who has the perfect business plan.

17. This girl, who has healthy esteem and wants it properly celebrated.

18. This boy, who thought he could just sneak this in.

19. This girl, who asked for the simplest thing in the world, so why hasn't anyone bought it for her yet?

"A little thing that can turn into anything at anytime."

20. This boy, who is much too greedy.

21. And this boy, who probably hasn't thought of the storage problems this would bring up.

Patgetc / Via

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