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17 Faces You'll Understand If You Hate Going Out

If you prefer staying in, you’ll understand.

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1. When you ask "Who all is going?" and think hard about each person who'll be attending before you'll agree to go.

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Sometimes you wouldn't mind going somewhere, but the people are as — if not more — important than the venue.

2. When your friends drag you to the club and you’re over it by the time you get to the dance floor.

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Sometimes peer pressure works and you find yourself reluctantly out with friends, halfheartedly participating in their shenanigans.

3. When the person you got a ride with wants to do more stuff but you're ready to go home.

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Now you're an unwilling passenger on their journey, and any of their happiness, chattiness, and attempts at making fun videos with you for Snapchat will be met with unenthusiasm and eye rolls.

4. The face you make when someone invites you somewhere on the spot and you’re trying to think of a good excuse to avoid going.

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Sure, you could be honest, but something about saying no to things for no particular reason seems rude. So, to avoid hurting any feelings, do what any other good person would do: lie. Cook up some profound, elaborate reason you can't make it, and take comfort in the fact that you lied for your sake as much as theirs.

5. When you finally decide to go out for the first time in months.


Eventually everyone needs a little human interaction, and after you've been cooped up for an extended period, you might think, hey, I should go out and explore the nightlife.

6. When you've only been out for 10 minutes and you remember why you normally stay in.


It only takes a few minutes in a crowded bar or club to be reminded why it sucks. The drinks are overpriced, people bump into you, spilling your overpriced drinks, the DJ is awful, the floors are sticky, people are stepping on your shoes, and you're looking for the nearest exit.

7. When someone invites you to a party where you won’t know most of the people, so you say “I’ll try to make it” even though you know the truth.


If a social event with your friends isn't appealing, a social event with strangers is an absolute nightmare scenario. The word "maybe" means there's a 50/50 chance, the phrase "I'll try to make it," means 1000% no.

8. When someone calls to cancel plans.

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Canceled plans are such a blessing. Still, when you get those phone calls you'll want to contain your excitement and pretend you're devastated, because you were totally looking forward to it.

9. When you get sick and at first you’re upset, but then you realize you’ll get to stay in bed for a couple of days.


For homebodies, there's a silver lining to sickness.

10. When someone asks you to go out after you’ve already taken your shoes and pants off.


It's tough enough to get a homebody out as it is, but once articles of clothing are removed it's just not going to happen.

11. When the food delivery person finally arrives at your door.


A person bringing food directly to your home will always be greeted with the warmest of welcomes.

12. When a friend just shows up at your place unexpectedly.

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It should actually be illegal to stop by someone's home without giving a heads up. When an inconsiderate monster does this, homebodies are basically being forced into impromptu social interaction.

13. When you’re ready to go home but your friend orders another drink.


Even if you're over being out, you can try not to be a grouchy downer for the sake of your friends. It's just tough to fake cheeriness when you know that another drink ensures you'll be staying that much longer.

14. When you spot a large bug and now you're a prisoner in your own home.

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You can't relax until you've eliminated the intruding pest. Nothing can sabotage your Saturday night quicker than seeing a cockroach or spider, turning to grab something to kill it with, and immediately losing track of it.

15. When you get home after a long day of dealing with people and run into your neighbor, forcing one last friendly interaction.

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In sports, they call exuding all of one's effort "leaving it all on the field," whereas homebodies often leave it all on the doorstep, forcing out their last friendly wave, small talk about the weather, and fake laugh at a cheesy joke before heading inside for glory.

16. When your friends stop inviting you to stuff and you're like "Haha, it's cool, I didn't want to go," but you're actually low-key hurt.


Once you have a reputation for staying in, people might stop bothering to invite you to things. Even though you probably wouldn't have gone anyway, you'll kind of still want the invitation because you're complex like that.

17. When you’re actually in your favorite element, at home, relaxing on a soft piece of furniture.

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It might not look exhilarating, but damnit you're living your best life.

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