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20 Old-Timey Photos That Are 100% You And Your Friends

Tag yrself, I'm #3.

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1. When you're deciding whether or not you like their new man.

Sasha / Getty Images

2. When one of you masters the smokey eye and then teaches the others.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

3. When some asshole comes in your mentions and you start tag teaming the takedown without even needing to discuss it first.

Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

4. When you're the only one who's sober.

Kirby / Getty Images

5. When your BFF says they don't feel like going out tonight, and you're like, OH THANK GOD ME TOO!

Keystone / Getty Images

6. When everyone comes together to help you compose the perfect text.

London Stereoscopic Company / Getty Images

7. When someone calls you out and you're about to hit her with the receipts.

George Marks / Getty Images

8. When you meet someone new and are vibing on your ho-ism.

Three Lions / Getty Images

9. When your drunk BFF is talking to someone that Sober Them would definitely not be talking to.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

10. When you decide this club is busted AF.

Firth / Getty Images

11. When you're in the back of an Uber, heading home for the night.

Fred Morley / Getty Images

12. When that one friend does something extra ho-ish, even for them.

Fpg / Getty Images

13. When you're on a date and the group text is blowing up in anticipation.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

14. When you're pissed at each other but don't want to admit it so you just keep starting every sentence with "I mean, it's fine, it's just that..."

Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

15. When you hear someone talking shit about your friend and aren't about to let that happen.

Three Lions / Getty Images

16. When you start getting your periods at the same time.

Express / Getty Images

17. When you're literally trying to pray away the garbage man your friend is dating.

Fox Photos / Getty Images

18. When that trash man breaks their heart and you need to remind them of their worth.

Maeers / Getty Images

19. When you remind each other it's always hos over bros.

George W. Hales / Getty Images

20. When your BFF wants to give up on their dreams but you won't let them.

Fox Photos / Getty Images

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