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22 Reasons Why "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" Is The Best

But why is the carpet wet, Todd??

1. Because Clark thought he was a total badass:

2. Because this scene made you laugh your ass off:

3. Because even though you know the damn tree wouldn't fit, it was hilarious:

4. Because even though Clark was an idiot, you love him anyway:

5. Because Clark was a total smart-ass:

6. Because you totally got emotional when Clark got stuck in the attic:

7. Because Cousin Eddie is a national treasure:

8. Because you love to hate the Griswold's neighbors:

9. Because Grandpa was totally reading Sassy:

10. Because Ellen told it how it was:

11. Because Clark was weird AF:

12. Because when they finally got the lights to work, it was magical.

13. Because you totally wanted that pool for Christmas too:

14. Because you totally always wanted to do this:

15. Because the deflated turkey dinner was just hilarious:

16. Because Aunt Bethany gave them her ACTUAL cat for Christmas... gift wrapped:

Until the cat was electrocuted and you know, DIED.

17. Because you totally wanted Clark's moose eggnog cups:

18. Because of the EFFIN' SQUIRREL SCENE:

19. Because of Bethany and Lewis — period!

20. Because of Clark's rants:

21. Because Cousin Eddie kidnapped Clark's boss and hilarity ensued:

22. And because of when the cops came and Ellen ended up liked this:

Merry Christmas, y'all.

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