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Here's Why You Can Drink VB Again, Guilt Free

You can drink VB guilt-free again.

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A long-running social media campaign against the makers of some of Australia's favourite beers is over after unions declared victory in an industrial fight for 55 workers' jobs.

BREAKING: #CUB55 just WON all their demands and will RETURN TO WORK! No matter how strong a multinational corp, we…

On Wednesday, unions negotiating on behalf of the so-called #CUB55 said a private Fair Work mediation with Carlton & United Breweries had been resolved, with each worker offered their job back.

"Any boss who sacks a worker for drinking a beer today is a bum" Bob Hawke, probably. *Don't drink and operate hea…

"These 55 workers have been out on the street for nearly 180 days standing up for the rights of all workers, they will walk back into work on Monday morning with their jobs secure at their full pay and conditions," ACTU secretary Dave Olver said.

"We are glad to finally be able to end the boycott on CUB products, which are once again proudly union made at Abbotsford."

The unions said there would be no forced redundancies from the Victorian CUB factory in the life of the employment agreement and new contractors could not be hired on cheaper contracts.

BREAKING NEWS! More info to come. #BoycottCUB #CUB55

The #CUB55 boycott of beers such as VB, Carlton Draught, Reschs, Melbourne Bitter and Crown Lager started earlier this year when CUB sacked the 55 workers.

Union-loving beer-drinkers were pretty happy with the result.

pretty sweet that the CUB boycott has ended so we can all get on the legend revealers to get us through the coming recession

Though a serious question needed to be asked: Which was the best CUB beer?

cool now I can drink CUB wait their beers are quite terrible except MB

you can start drinking VB again if youve been craving an ice cold can of hot piss

Does this mean it's OK to drink the few CUB products actually worth drinking?

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