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19 Times This Insane Mariah Carey GIF Was You As Fuck

Queen of being extra.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to help us caption this insane GIF of Mariah Carey being a diva and getting pushed around in an office chair. Here are the perfect results.


1. My family at any gathering: “Either change your attitude or leave.” Me:

2. When you come up with a great comeback and the person just stands there, gaping:



3. Me passing people who I know were just trash-talking me:

4. Me arriving at my sugar daddy’s funeral:


5. Me after leg day:

6. Me after I’ve met my step goal for the day:


7. Me after I add an extra $25 to my student loan minimum payment:


8. When you’re too drunk to even get in the club but your friends are determined:

9. When I win an argument then leave while all my friends escort me:

10. When your Uber driver isn’t in a white Toyota Camry like the app said, but you got places to be so you get in anyway:

11. When you get new kicks with white soles and you don’t want them to get dirty:



12. When your mom picks you up from school early:



13. When you pretend to fall asleep in the car so your parents will carry you in:


14. People: You’re so high maintenance. Me:

15. When you’re roasting someone and the squad backs you up:


16. Me on my way to school knowing damn well I didn’t do any of my work:


17. When you pass your ex-best friend with your new squad:

18. When someone asks me for something and I pretend not to hear them:



19. Boyfriend: Babe, come over. Me: I can’t I’m Mariah Carey. Boyfriend: My parents aren’t home. Me:


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