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This Genius DIY Zen Bottle Is So Freaking Relaxing

Magnets and chill.

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Emily Shwake / Nifty / Buzzfeed

This Magnetic Zen Bottle mirrors the activity of a real magnetic field.

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If you want to learn more about the actual physics behind it, check it out here.

But mostly, it's just fun to play with.

Nifty / Buzzfeed

Here's what you'll need...

* Water bottle

* Water

* MICR toner

* Tape

* Magnets

* Funnel

1. Start by filling half the bottle with water.

Nifty / Buzzfeed

The funnel makes it easy to put this project together quickly and easily.

2. Add a bit of MICR toner and fill the remaining space with water.

Nifty / Buzzfeed

Be careful to not breathe in the toner — it's a powder, so you want to be sure it doesn't puff up into the air around you. You can buy it in the squirt bottle so it's easy to safely pour into the water, like above.

Fun Fact: MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) toner is a special ink used on bank checks to make them easily identifiable to the scanner. That's why they are printed in those funky letters. Learn more about MICR ink here.

3. Tightly close the cap and tape it to seal.

Nifty / Buzzfeed

You'll be turning the bottle upside down in a minute, so you just want to make sure it won't leak.

4. Shake the bottle and let the MICR toner soak in the water.

Nifty / Buzzfeed

It's going to take about 12 hours for it to mix completely (letting it soak overnight makes the wait easier), although you will still be able to play with it right away.

5. Finally, drag the magnet across the side of the bottle for hours and hours...

Nifty / Buzzfeed

Check out the video for a full demonstration.

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