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    13 Crazy Things That Made All Aussies Freak Out About Their Own Country In 2016

    Spiders and sharks and snakes everywhere.

    1. When a man from Mackay, Queensland, filmed a huge spider eating an entire mouse on his fridge.

    Facebook: video.php

    The video ended up receiving more than 22 million views, as people from all over the world witnessed the insane shit Aussies live with every day.

    "The spider will inject the venom, and slowly, as the venom takes effect, it will do what every single spider species does, and that’s liquify the inside of the prey and then basically slurp the insides of the animal… physically drink it," Taronga Zoo keeper Phil Patterson told BuzzFeed News.

    2. When two huge snakes fought each other in a woman's pool so they could mate with a female snake that was living underneath the woman's house.

    3. When people kept finding incredibly venomous redback spiders on their store-bought broccoli.

    4. Oh, and when it was revealed that Australian birds were actively starting bushfires to hunt prey in outback Australia.

    Are Australian Raptors Real Life Fire Starters? #ornithology @IFLScience @bgosford

    5. When people just started finding FUCKIN' SNAKES IN THE WALLS OF THEIR HOUSES.

    Caters News Agency /
    Caters News Agency

    6. When a horrified mother found a huge snake biting her son's face in bed.

    7. When a bunch of people at the beach got to watch a dude go swimming with his pet snake and hurl it into the air as they "played" together.

    8. Then of course there was that dude who had his pet snake named Bread confiscated because he wouldn't stop taking it on public trains.

    9. When a woman woke up to a 65lbs, 16-FOOT SNAKE ACROSS HER BED.

    10. And then filmed it as it slid across her living room.

    Facebook: video.php

    11. When a dude caught a snake as it was eating a house cat, and reminded us all why we should probably keep our four-legged friends inside.

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    12. When a NSW teen was attacked by a shark and was surprisingly chill about the whole thing.

    7 News Sydney

    13. And when a woman playing Pokémon Go stumbled upon a park absolutely COVERED in spider webs.


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