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Someone Turned "All I Want For Christmas" Into A Goddamn Nightmare

*festively shudders*

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It's never too early to feel dread about the holiday season. So in that spirit we present the most haunting version of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" to ever exist.

Click below to hear "All I Want For Christmas," but as if it's being played in a different room.

People are very unsettled.

Why is this so troubling.

It's like listening in on a party you weren't invited to.


Or a faint memory of a happy Christmas long ago.

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I am shook.

It's... it's just too much.

What do we really want for Christmas? Is it "you," or is it just anything to hold on to for a single moment in our fleeting existence?

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Anyway, Merry Christmas!!